Crimson Tear

Tomb Raider 4: The Last Revelation
Level 13: "Alexandria" Walkthrough

Available Secrets: 1

Items Found: Crossbow Normal Ammo (3), Large Medipack (1), LaserSight, Shotgun Normal Ammo (3), Small Medipack (2), Uzi Ammo (1)

Weapons Found: None

Enemies: Black Scorpions, Henchman

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The next segment of Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation brings us to Alexandria, pronounced Al-iskandariyya in the local Arabic, the second largest city in Egypt. If the name didn't give it away, this city was named after Alexander the Great, who founded it in 331BC.

Note: The levels in the Alexandria section bounce back and forth between the different level maps frequently, but since most of these repeat visits are very short-lived, they will be streamlined into the levels you should be mainly active in.

After departing the train, head down the alley where 2 Black Scorpions will scamper out of the shadows. After taking care of the ankle pinchers, check those same shadows for a Small Medipack - locating it will be difficult without the use of a Flare. Head up the steps to see a familiar looking guy run off after spotting you. Draw pistols and chase him in the warehouse. Inside you will find 3 Henchmen playing hid-and-seek among the crates. (If you ignore the scout, he would have appeared later in a very inopportune time.) There are no items here so head back to the fountain.

First, head to the alley in the north-east corner and grab the Shotgun Normal Ammo. No, we can't ride the motorcycle... yet. Go back to the fountain, then enter the eastern house and run up the stairs for a meeting with Jean Yves. (If you missed the video, you can watch it here.) After the meeting, pick up the LaserSight, Crossbow Normal Ammo and Shotgun Normal Ammo from the small desk near the stairs. There's another box of Shotgun Normal Ammo between the north-east bookcases.

Head outside via the balcony, take a left and deal the 2 Henchmen shooting at you from the next building. The one on your left will drop some Uzi Ammo. Now, you see that other building to the west? Take a running jump and grab the edge of the roof, then make your way to the right and around the corner. When you are over the lever, drop down, then press Action again to pull the switch (it isn't very fussy so don't worry if you're not directly above it when you fall). Now head inside the building and take care of the Henchman hiding inside. The alcove on the southern wall is the Secret (44 of 70) that we just opened. A Large Medipack and 2 Crossbow Normal Ammo will await you inside.

Head back outside, down the south-east alley, past the warehouse, then take care of the last Henchman guarding the tunnel. Be sure to relieve his corpse of the Small Medipack he was carrying. If you didn't deal with the scout earlier on he will attack you here, too. Continue down into the Coastal Ruins.



Continue to the Coastal Ruins


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