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Tomb Raider 4: The Last Revelation
Level 7 Revisited: "Temple of Karnak" 2nd Visit Walkthrough

This walkthrough is for the second visit to the Temple of Karnak after Lara obtains the Canopic Jar 2 from the Sacred Lake. If you are looking for the 1st visit to this area, check out to Part 1 of the "Temple of Karnak".


Available Secrets: 0

Items Found: Hypostyle Key, Shotgun Normal Ammo (2), Sun Goddess, Uzi Ammo (1)

Weapons Found: None

Enemies: Crocodile, Henchman


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Tomb Raider 4: The Last Revelation - Temple of Karnak PoolAs you get carried away from the Sacred Lake, with the Canopic Jar 2 in hand, climb out and drop down near the pool. Recognize this place from our first visit? Take the first left and place the jar into the alcove on your right. Return to the pool to learn that Egyptians figured out how to make people walk on water! I wanna try too! Where is this miracle liquid?

Make like a god around the statue and climb up behind it. You will find some divine Uzi Ammo behind it and a tunnel. WARNING, do not try to swan dive into the water from the statue – it will break Lara's neck! Grab the ammo and enter the tunnel.

Climb up on the RIGHT SIDE and drop to the small ledge below. There are 3 Crocodiles below, and one should be easily killed from the safety of the ledge. There is no ledge on the LEFT SIDE, meaning you had to fight them in more dangerous circumstances. Put away your pistols for now, safely drop off the edge of the ledge toward the pool to get the attention of another croc, then quickly pull yourself back up and shoot away. If you want you can also slowly kill the 3rd beast from the ledge, but it should be safe enough to drop down to the sand, then take it out.

It's now safe to grab the Shotgun Normal Ammo from the right sandy ledge. Now jump into the water, grab the other Shotgun Normal Ammo, and enter the tunnel under the lightning spires. Once you reach the dead-end, press the button, then return to the pool. Climb out on the spire side (if you can't, dive again, then repeat – it's a known bug). The cage that lifted protected the Hypostyle Key and the Sun Goddess on the pedestal. Raid away!

With your treasure in hand, trek back to the bowl room where we inserted the jars, climb through that tunnel on the right (east side) like we did the first time we were here and head back outside. Remember those Henchmen that arrived awhile back? I guess you can say that you've caught up to them. As soon as you drop down a Henchman attacks. There's a second in the room the fool came from if you want all your kills, or just climb out the way we did before via the ledge opposite of the crawlspace. Since your health will restore at the end of the level, don't waste your Medipacks. There are 2 more Henchmen on west side of the courtyard, so finish them off, too.

Jump back up to the Obelisk, draw your weapons again and take out the last Henchman exiting the Pillared Entrance. Head inside that entrance, take a right and slide back down to the Great Hypostyle Hall.


Return to the Great Hypostyle Hall


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