Crimson Tear

Tomb Raider 4: The Last Revelation
Level 2: "Race For the Iris" Walkthrough

Available Secrets: None

Items Found: None

Enemies: 3 Wild Boars

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This level still takes place in the massive Angkor Wat.


There are two possible races here. The easy one is if you didn't collect the 8 skulls, the hard one is if you did. If you remember a pool in the last room of level 1, then you're on the easy path. Take your time the first time to learn the level, then play it again if you want to win. There is also a shortcut in each level that will help you. The only difference of winning is that you get a different conversation between Lara and Werner. Either way, be sure to save at the beginning of the level.

Easy Race (Virtuous Path)

There are no secrets, items, enemies, nor deadly traps here, so just run like your life depends on it and sprint during long straight paths.

Shortcut location in the Easy Race for the IrisHead straight and follow the path to the left, then right. Leap over the pit, then leap onto the ledge (you can just walk up to it and pull yourself up, but if you stand at the edge of the vines on the floor you can jump up faster – note this distance well as this leap will aid you in the future). The next pit has too options. The fastest way is to run off into the pit on the right side, then take a right and through the door, but you can also take a running jump over it, then take the right. Stay to the left side and jump platform to platform.

Note: If he closes the door before you get there, use the vines to the left of the door to climb up.

The path continues via a small tunnel to the right, jump up of you are skilled enough, otherwise climb in, then follow the path. When you come up to a large area with a massive pit take a running jump over it and grab the ledge on the other side. This is much faster than running around it like Werner does. Follow the path and you will find another large room. You can either climb across the vines on the ceiling (as your mentor does), or take the faster route by running off into it, around the tree, and climb up the other side. (Due to Lara's shorter arms, Werner can easily pass Lara off if you take the vines on the ceiling)

Leap onto the rocks straight ahead of you and climb up to the next level. You will need to walk to the ledge to your right, then jump while holding action. Run to the right, leaping over the gap and run over the bridge that the vines were hanging from in the room below. Just follow the twisting path and into the treasure room.

Hard Race (Heretical Path)

I wasn't kidding about his one being more difficult. Be sure to use sprint for short periods of time when you have a straight path. Also, most pits have spikes which will kill you, so be sure to save at the beginning of the level!

The entrance is to your left. After taking the bend to the right and into the next room, you will need to perform a standing jump, followed immediately by a running jump. This will take practice, but if you do a standing jump just as the floor changes from grey to vines, then hold forward while still holding down jump, you should clear both of them. As you exit into the next area do a running jump and grab on the far ledge, then pull yourself up. Head to the right.

Shortcut location in the Hard Race for the IrisIf you want a hell of a shortcut, SAVE, then wait for Werner to press the switch and take the left path! Run across the collapsing bridge and leap off the middle of the last square platform, but keep holding down jump to jump off the angled slope to get to the door. Run left and leap over the rocks and into the door to your right. Now you are likely way ahead of the old man! (skip over the next paragraph)

If you took the right path, run around the edge of the water, then leap up onto the stone and climb into the passage on your left. Run straight into the next room and into the water, then pull yourself up on the right ledge. It looks like there are two exits from this pool, but only one is the real exit, the opening to the west just before the rocks. DO NOT GO OVER THE ROCKS!

If you're a head of him, Sprint over the bridge, through the winding corridor and over the pool (you can jump over a small part of the pool near the exit to save a bit of time). If the bridge was cut, fall into the water and swim down the channel to the right and surface near the door and enter.

Warning: Don't pull the lever under the water or the button by the door! They will lock the door forcing you to take a very long path to the right and up.

Follow the path until you get to the room with large pits. Now you will need to do two running long jumps, then grab onto the far ledge. You may take a bit of damage on the second one, don't worry about it. Once both pits are clear, leap up to the left and cross that bridge. If Werner cut this bridge, you will need to use the vine to cross (Jump to the vine with action held, press, not hold, sprint, then jump when you are at the peak of the swing). Leap up and go to the left and take the right door.

Do not try to leap towards the big head! Run around to the right path and into the mouth of the head.

If you fall into the Boar pit you will be chased by 3 wild boars! You can't kill them so run to the vines to the left of the head and climb up and into the mouth.

Take a hard right once you fall, then keep twisting left and right as you follow the path. Congratulations, you have reached the treasure room! Enjoy the ending cutscene and get ready to join Lara on her present day adventures!

A Dire Warning


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