Murder in the Alps Walkthrough

Murder in the Alps is still in development but already has hours of content. Currently, the game has three parts, each with several chapters. While it starts as a typical who-done-it murder mystery, the adventure expands into new locations, larger riddles, and dark characters.

 Part 1:

Chapter 1: Deadly Snowstorm

Hotel Reger is a quiet hotel nestled deep in the Swiss Alps. No one would suspect that it could be a place of bizarre goings-on. The story begins, just as one of the guests has gone missing, and shortly afterwards other strange events start to unfold.

Chapter 2: The Phantom

As Anna arrives in the nearby town, she finds that murder has followed her there! Is this murder related to those at the Hotel Reger?

Chapter 3: Atlantic Connection

Otto calls Anna to help with a new threat at the Hotel Reger. A friend has been smuggling more than just the contraband discovered earlier, and now a dark group threatens the lives of those involved.

Chapter 4: Dancing with the Beasts

Anna has been called to the Hotel once again. Will they survive the assassins who have come to clean up the mess the others have left behind?

 Part 2:

Chapter 1: The Heir

Anna is off to Italy for a press event at Molinelli, but the train ride there is not the enjoyable ride through the mountains she expected.

Chapter 2: Exiled Dead

While waiting for a train to return home, Anna helps investigate an odd case of the dead rising from their graves.

Chapter 3 (Guide in Development)