Murder in the Alps is still in development but already has hours of content. Currently, the game has three parts, each with several chapters. While it starts as a typical who-done-it murder mystery, the adventure expands into new locations, larger riddles, and dark characters. Each chapter has a walkthrough of its own as they are each separate segments with a well-defined start and finish.

Part 1: The Hotel Reger

Murder In the Alps Walkthrough: Part 1, Chapter 1: Deadly SnowstormChapter 1:Deadly SnowstormHotel Reger is a breathtaking sanctuary nestled in the midst of the majestic Swiss Alps. Despite its serene surroundings, it has become the focal point of some remarkable events.
Murder In the Alps: Part 1, Chapter 2: The PhantomChapter 2:The PhantomAs Anna reaches the neighbouring town, she learns that the nearby peaceful village has witnessed more killings. Is it just a coincidence, or are these deaths related to the recent bloodbath at the Hotel Reger?
Murder In the Alps: Part 1, Chapter 3: Atlantic ConnectionChapter 3:Atlantic ConnectionOtto sought out Anna's aid for an urgent matter at Hotel Reger. A companion had been transporting more than the previously uncovered illicit items, putting everyone involved in grave danger from a dangerous organization.
Murder In the Alps: Part 1, Chapter 4: Dancing with the BeastsChapter 4:Dancing with the BeastsAnna receives another summons to return to the Hotel. She discovers a darkened building with ominous shadows lurking outside. Can she and her friends survive the assassins sent to eliminate the mess left behind by others?

Part 2: Porto Ceso

Murder In the Alps: Part 2, Chapter 1Chapter 1:The HeirBefore the events at Hotel Reger, Anna, a hopeful journalist, is off to Italy for a press event at Molinelli. Despite the event being a cause for celebration, a tragedy occurs on the train, revealing a scandal, a murder, and a sinister plot for a hostile takeover.
Murder In the Alps: Part 2, Chapter 2: Exiled DeadChapter 2:Exiled DeadAnna is again embroiled in a thrilling mystery while staying in Porto Ceso. Could the deceased be coming back to life, or is there a sinister and clandestine scheme afoot?
Murder In the Alps: Part 2, Chapter 3: UnforgivenChapter 3:UnforgivenAnna returns to Porto Ceso to visit old friends while en route to watch the Molinelli Case. However, the tranquillity of the village was disrupted once again by the discovery of a recent death.
Murder In the Alps: Part 2, Chapter 4: The Only RedemptionChapter 4:The Only RedemptionAnna eagerly accepts an invitation to visit Porto Ceso and participate in the local festivities. However, upon arrival, she quickly became entangled in a town plagued by unsettling rumours, violent incidents, and murder.

Part 3: Zürich

Murder In the Alps: Part 3, Chapter 1: The Dada KillerChapter 1:The Dada KillerDada art is making a resurgence throughout Zürich. While the art is peaceful, someone has used the movement's ideals to start a reign of chaos and death.
Murder In the Alps: Part 3, Chapter 2: Ladies of the NightChapter 2:Ladies of the NightOur investigative reporter seeks out the inside scoop about life working the streets until a new murder pushes her in a familiar direction.
Murder In the Alps: Part 3, Chapter 3: Gray NatureChapter 3:Gray NatureA death at the hospital raises the suspicion of murder and how that path toward healing can venture into evil.
Murder In the Alps: Part 3, Chapter 4: Forgotten MomentoChapter 4:Forgotten MomentoAnna is stuck in an unknown place. Will the answer to her escape be in her memories?
Murder In the Alps: Part 3, Chapter 5: No QuarterChapter 5:No QuarterWalkthrough now in development