Murder in the Alps Game Guide

Anna's Diary

Murder in the Alps is a series of interactive Crime Novels for Apple, Android and Windows devices created by Nordcurrent. The development of Murder in the Alps is still underway, so expect new chapters and locations over time.

Set in the 1930s, Anna Myers, a journalist for Zurich, Switzerland, begins her journey stranded in a hotel in the Alps, only to be thrust deep into a murder mystery. By examining clues throughout the inn, she must find the identity of the murderer before they strike again. Future travels will take Anna to other villages and countries as she stumbles across other chilling murders, mysterious crimes, and horrifying events.

The game plays mainly as a hidden objects game, with many mini-games throughout her adventures. Expect above average art, voice acting and writing that exceeds most other casual games of this type. The limited energy per day can leave you wanting more at times, though.

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