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Legend of Grimrock Walkthrough:
Level 8


There are two entrances to this this level; the main entrance and the secret real entrance. I would recommend you to read the end of the Level 7 Walkthrough if you missed the other stairs. If you just want to skip the main vault, skip down to Area 4.


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1. The Lightning Conduit


If you need a Crystal of Life, it is straight north, just past that gate. If you don't need it, keep the gate closed and ignore the lightning in the next room. Take the path to the east and continue down the winding hall, but be prepared to throw whatever you have as quickly as possible (have your best spells ready and your ranged weapons loaded). Once you get past the torch, an Ogre and an Uggardian will come out to surround you. Don't let that happen. Back the hell up and do your best to get the Ogre away from you as you deal with the pyromaniac.


Once they are dealt with, press the button near the gate. Be careful as a ball of lightning is going to come flying out. You need to use the same tactics as the Fire Ball Hall, but this time it is easier to find the places to hide. Run down the corridor and duck into the north room. Another Uggardian roams the area, so keep your guard up. Explore that area first and take the items here, and flip the switch to open the door.


The next chain is just a few steps down the hall. Once you enter this room, don't open the gate yet. Destroy the eggs by attacking them and push the button on the wall. Place something on the floor switch, then open the gate. More Ugguardians and Spiders will attack when the gate is open. Ignore the switch for now, there are 2 more buttons here. Press those and place objects on the switches here too to open the secret.


Now pick up the stuff you left, if you need them, and flip that switch. You will need to backtrack to the conduit again, this time sneaking into the path to your right. Beware the Uggardians here too.

There is a button on the southwest wall to open another passage into the conduit. Press that button and ignore the switch for now. Head back to the conduit with the new path, and you will find a button on the other side, just to your left. This will open another room at the very end of the conduit. Time your dash to reach the other side (it will be on your right). An Ogre is here, so time your entrance well.


Item Found: Baked Maggot, Gear Key, Lightning Bomb (4), Lighting Rod, Plate Boots, Plate Gauntlets



2. Ogre's Maze

Head back to that previous room and flip the switch then head to the new passage. 2 Spiders will lunge at you as you enter, then your free to explore the area and loot it.


On the other side of the gate, several Uggardians and 2 Ogres make the area their home, so beware. Once defeated, you have a mess of corridors to explore and loot. The far west side needs a key, so go south and enter the teleporter.


This, just like the Warrior's Challenge, can be really hard. Herders of all shapes and sizes are going to come after you. The best advice I can give is to keep moving, never get cornered, and take out the little guys first.


Use the teleporter and get back to that locked door and you will find 4 pressure switches. Simple enough right? By placing an object on each one you will unleash a swarm of spiders and a guardian.


If you have problems fighting them off, quickly drop items on three pads, leaving the northeast one alone, then just walk over the northeast one as you get back to the entrance. Now you can pick off the enemies one at a time.


You can grab your stuff once your done cleaning house, then flip the switch on the west side. More Uggardians are in the next area too. Explore this first room, but don't go west yet. On the pillar toward that hall is a button. Once looted, continue on and find the gate to the north.


Items Found: Bass Key (2), Crossbow Quarrel (3), Grim Cap, Ice Arrow (2), Knife, Leather Cap, Lightning Bombs (2), Milkreed (3), Mole Jerky, Note from Toorum, Pitroot Bread (2), Shuriken (2), Tar Bead (3), Throwing Axe (8)



3. The Vault


Remember the chamber with all the lightning we saw at the beginning? This is it! The cause is a spider dancing on them. Keep up with it to avoid the shocks and pelt it with what ranged weapons and spells that you have. Also, you can dive into the pit to score more food and kill a snail - then teleport back up.


Someone has left you a map at the north gate, which described how to find this secret entrance in the first place so ignore it. Press the button to the left of it, then head toward the south gate and press the button on the east side. You will find a switch to your right to get access to where the spider was to get your stuff, but the real treasure is through the south gate. Put a torch on the sword's resting place before grabbing the Dismantler.


This weapon is a tossup. Compared to the Sword of Nex, which you already have, it is just a bit more damaging, but it is heavier and less accurate. I prefer Nex, but you can decide what is better for your party. There is also a button on the south wall to give you access to a treasure.


Go back to the room to your north and flip the switch to the east to go to where we entered, and hit the switch across the stairs and go all the way to the east.

Items Found: Dismantler, Golden Dragon, Pitroot Bread (2), Throwing Axe (2)


4. Main Entrance /
The Pie is not a Lie!


This is the main entrance for the level, which, if you took, will cause you miss out on the entire rest of the level. A button on the northwest corner will open a secret area.


Head back past the Crystal of Life. To your left is the main vault. You can grab the note with the map hint to the secret in Level 8 to get to the secret entrance if needed. Head north and you will come to the Iron Door. The Gear key from the secret at end of the Lightning Conduit is needed to open it.

Your done! Head down to Level 9. The worst is yet to come!

Items Found: Blueberry Pie, Cave Nettle (3), Frost Quarrel (4), Grimcap, Helm of Valor, Milkreed, Scroll of Shock Shield



Continue to Level 9




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