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Legend of Grimrock Potions Guide


Since there isn't always a Crystal of Life around to heal bad effects, and resting isn't always possible to recoup life and energy reserves, Alchemy is one of the most useful abilities in Legend of Grimrock, especially when playing on the harder difficulties. To use this skill, you need to find The Mortar and Pestle, which is found near the exit of level 2. But before you go off and start making potions, it is very important to remember that there is a very finite amount of ingredients in the game, so conservation is still key for survival.


All potions weigh 0.6kg, regardless of how many ingredients it takes to make them.



Antidote: 1 Flask + 1 Slime Ball + 1 Tar Bead

- Cures Sickness

When sick the character is unable to regenerate health, even when resting. Unlike poison, sickness doesn't wear off so it must be cured with an Antidote or a Crystal of Life. Slime Balls are very rare, so try to avoid this effect as much as possible.


Antivenom: 1 Flask + 1 Cave Nettle

- Cures Poison

You will know a character is poisoned when their portrait goes green and they are taking damage regularly. Poison does wear off after time, but not without wasting away most of your health.

Energy Potion

Energy Potion: 1 Flask + 1 Blooddrop Blossom

- Restores 75 Energy

Very useful for your mages since it is very easy to burn through their entire energy reserves in larger battles.

Healing Potion

Healing Potion: 1 Flask + 1 Tar Bead

- Heals 50 Health

As this is the only alternative to resting or using a Crystal of Life, Healing Potions will likely be your most used potion in the game. It's a good idea to have at least 2 ready at all times.

Poignant Potion

Poignant Potion: 1 Flask + 2 Cave Nettle

- Causes Poison

This potion is as useful as standing in a mist of poison gas. Other than giving us something else to waste ingredients on, there is no reason to make it.

Speed Potion

Speed Potion: 1 Flask + 1 Blooddrop Blossom + 1 Milkreed

- Reduces cooldown by 50%

This potion is incredibly useful for all classes, especially when trapped in a corner or surrounded by enemies (like in the Fighter's Challenge).

Sulphurous Potion Potion

Sulphurous Potion Potion: 1 Flask + 1 Blooddrop Blossom + 1 Cave Nettle + 1 Grim Cap

- Induces Rage (+10 Attack, -10 Evasion)

Give this to a fully armoured warrior and watch the enemies go squish, especially when in combination with Speed. The extra attack is added to all melee or ranged attacks, so back row archers can also greatly benefit from it's use.



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