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There isn't much to the story of this game, but the dungeons are big enough to easily get turned around, or miss something important. In this section, you will find a through walkthrough of the many levels in this dungeoncrawler, including where to find the items, creatures and secrets.


There are a few things that you should be aware of before you start playing. Check out the Character Guide for the best practices for creating and leveling your characters.


To drop or throw items to solve puzzles, you need to place an item on certain areas of the screen. To drop an item, click the item in your inventory, then click again on the bottom half of your viewing area. Throwing items are done the same way, but on the top half of your screen instead.


Equip items on your character by right-clicking on them in your inventory. If there is already an item in that spot, it will swap it out. Weapons and Shields need to be clicked and dropped onto either the left or right hand either in the equipment screen or portait. Note that ranged weapons do need the corrisponding ammo in the opposite hand as well. You can't shoot a bow with quarrels or rocks, only arrows.


Combat may seem a bit combersome at first, but after a few battles it will feel much more confortable. For melee and ranged weapons, you right-click on the weapon you want to use by the 4 portaits in the bottom-right corner. This even works with items such as rocks and throwing knives. Spells start off the same way, but 9 runes will appear over the portait instead. To cast a spell you need to have the sufficent skill to cast it, and know the sequence of runes needed. These sequences are found through scrolls in the game, but you can use the spells even withouth the scrolls as long as the correct runes are activated. Some spells only work at close range, while others work from any range. All attacks have a cooldown period before that character can perform another attack.


The best habit is to never drop an item unless you have better, or you can't carry anymore. Armor and weapons can be safely left behind, but most others will be needed throughout the game.





Begin at Level 1




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