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Legend of Grimrock Treasures


There are 7 hidden treasures in Legend of Grimrock. Unlike the 71 secret areas, these don't bestow you any extra gifts, other than an Achievement and bragging rights. You might need some help finding them all, which is where we come in. Behold, the 7 Treasures of Grimrock!


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Golden Chalice

#1 - Golden Chalice: A beautifully crafted chalice with gem decorations. It must be worth a fortune.

Level 2: In the room with the Herders and the Key Hole without a door, there is a small button on the south wall. This will open a wall on the east side of the room directly to the west.

Golden Deity Figure

#2 - Golden Deity Figure: A golden statue of an ancient forgotten deity. The engravings on it are written in an unknown language.

Level 4 (Slime Challenge): You will need to find Secret 16 on Level 3 and take the stairs down to the Slime Challenge. You will find it on the ground in the north-east corner of the caged area.

Crown of Kings

#3 - Crown of Kings: The golden crown of House Abbrarch, the ancient rules of the vast Theareonan Empire.

Level 7 (via Level 6 pit): In the Halls of fire, dive into the southern most pit on the far west side.

Ancient Apparatus

#4 - Ancient Apparatus: A fine mechanical apparatus with unknown function. Maybe it is some sort of a calendar.

Level 11 (Fighter's Challenge): The Fighter's Challenge is accessed through Secret 43 on Level 6. After you clear out all the Scavengers, search the west wall for a button.

Golden Dragon

#5 - Golden Dragon: A golden dragon figure. It feels warm to hand. Could it be enchanted?

Level 8 (Vault of the Dismantler): Enter the vault, which is secret 53 and search the south wall for the button to access the treasure room.

Globe of Tetharion

#6 - Globe of Tetharion: None of the lands engraved on the globe seem familiar. Is it a map of another world?

Level 13: In the northern maze marked "No Entrance" you will find a button in the eastern dead end. The new room is directly to the west.

Goromorg Miniature

#7 - Goromorg Miniature: A golden miniature of those alien creatures who dwell in the lower levels of Mount Grimrock.

Level 11: In the Tomb of the Designers, take the path east and there will be a marked brick on the south wall. The door will open right beside it.




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