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Having the right party is the key to success in every game, and even more so in Legend of Grimrock. Even though the party generated for you is a great start, the best way to get the most out of your party is to create your own.


The battle system has a front and a back row, in which the front row are the only ones that can do melee damage. This means that having 2 ranged party members, and 2 melee party members are a must. There are only 3 character classes to choose from, so you will undoubtedly need to double one of them up. Having fighters lead the party sounds great in theory, but might not necessarily be the best choice.



Attributes & Stats

It wouldn't be an RPG without your standard sets of Attributes and Stats for each character, and while RPG veterans will have no problem understand what each one does, many gamers aren't. Below will give a brief rundown of each Attribute and Stat and what it means.




Experience Points:

These represent the accumulated knowledge and skill of your character. When you have enough points to level up, your health and energy points go up and skill points are awarded. You gain Experience Points by defeating enemies.



This is the ability to resist pain and withstand injuries. The Character Class and Vitality affects the number of Health Points gained each level. The Left number indicates your current health, while the right number is your maximum health. If a characters health falls to zero, they will die.



This is the abilty to act. Activity such as special attacks and spellcasting consume energy, and if you run out, you will no longer be able to use those actions. Willpower affects the number of energy points gainst at each level. This is very important to ranged characters like Mages and Rogues, but all characters do use it in some way.



Everything you do consumes your food reserves. Everything is fine while the bar is green, but once it changes to yellow it means you are hungry. There are no penalities until the bar is red, meaning that you are starving. When this is the case, your Health and Energy will no longer be replenished. You will find food throughout the game to consume too replenish your food reserves.



All Items and Equipement have weight, and this all cuts into your overall load. If one or more of your characters are Burdened, marked in yellow, your movement will be slowed dramatically. Never let them get overloaded, marked in red, as your entire party will not be able to move until you resolve the problem. The number on the left is your current load, and the right value marks your maximum load.





This the physical prowess and strength of the character. It directly impacts Attack Power and the maximum load of each character. This is a must for any warrior or close combat character.



The ability to move quickly and increases the accuracy of both melee attacks. Ranged Attacks don't get accuracy changes based on Dexterity, so it is only useful for melee characters. This attribute directly increases the characters Accuracy and Evasion. This will also increase your resistance to Fire and Shock.



Vitality governs your overall health and stamina of the character. This affects the amount of Health you gain after each level, and helps fight harmful conditions like Cold and Poison.



This is the force of the mind and the ability to manipulate arcane powers. This governs the amound of Energy you recieve at each level.


Resist Fire:

This lowers the damage received from fire-based attacks. A high Dexterity will give you bonuses to this resistance.


Resist Cold:

This lowers the damage received from cold-based attacks. A high Vitality will give you bonuses to this resistance.


Resist Poison:

This lowers the damage received from poisonous attacks. A high Vitality will give you bonuses to this resistance.


Resist Shock:

This lowers the damange received from lightinging-based attacks. A high Dexterity will give you bonuses to this resistance.



The combined value of all equipped armor, clothes and other defensive gear will creation your Protection. This decrease the physical damage done to the character.



The chance of a character to successfully avoid a physical attack. If attack is evaded, your character will take no damage at all from it. This is determined by your Dexterity, sheilds and other gear.


Attack Power:

This is the physical damage that is done by an attack. Strength, skills and weapons will all determine the total Attack Power.



The effectiveness of the weapon used. If your accuracy is low, you will miss often. Dexterity, skills and the weapon used will affect your Accuracy.



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