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It wouldn't be a fantasy RPG without a selection of species. In this game, there are 4 choices, each with their advantages and disadvantages. The baseline is Human, which is the standard in most games, and the other 3 have slight differences. While it is possible to play the game as a group of Humans, all with different classes, in order to excel at this game, the full variety is highly recommended.


The Humans


You can can call them the dominant race, although the others may be a bit angry about that. Humans are the most populous of the sentient races of the world and see themselves as the keepers of order and peace. Although, not all the other beings agree with their laws, or where their borders are drawn.


They are very adaptable and can excel in all professions.



Skillpoints 4


The Insectoids


Insectoids mostly keep to themselves, and rarely wander into the lands of humankind. Due to this, very little is actually known of their culture or history.


It is believed that their knowledge of the arcane is unrivaled, and rumors of hidden underground insectoid cities and great libraries filled with arcane knowledge are common.


Dexterity +1, Willpower +4

Skillpoints 3, Food Consumption -15%



Strength -2, Vitality -2


The Lizardmen


Lizardmen prefer to live in the vast deserts, woods and swamps of the realm but during times of severe drought or when the realm has been ravaged by wars, some of them have been forced to flee to human cities where they often end up as beggars and petty criminals. Lizardmen are social outcasts and generally mistrusted due to their capricious and deceitful nature.


They are superb in tasks requiring stealth and dexterity.



Dexterity +2

Skillpoints 3



Willpower -1


The Minotaurs

Minotaurs are bulky, simple and keen to violence. Unlike humans, Minotaurs don't associate power with wealth or aristocracy but with strength and feats of bravery. They are often found in places where they are most likely to cause problems like in overcrowded port cities and in the legions of warring nations.


Minotaurs are tolerated in cities only because of their ability to due hard labor that demands great strength and stamina without rest as long as beer and meat is provided.



Strength +5, Vitality +4



Dexterity -4, Willpower -3

Skillpoints 1, Food Consumption +20%



Now that we know what separates the four races, let's Check Out The 3 Classes




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