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You will only be able to pick 2 Traits, and these are the only traits the character has for the entire game. If you pick the wrong ones, it can make that later half of the game very difficult.


Aggressive: Attack Power +4

You are full of rage.

This bonus is the same as 8 points in Strength when it comes to Attack Power, making this a must for any melee character.


Agile: Dexterity +2
Your reflexes are exceptional.

Only +2 to Dexterity doesn't sound like much, but this increases your Accuracy, Fire Resistance, Evasion, and Shock Resistance. A very important trait for any Rogue.


Athletic: Strength +2

Your body is muscular.

This small bonus to strength isn't ingredably useful. This will give you +1 to Attack Power and allow you to carry a bit more.


Aura: Energy +15

You have a potent aura.

This is an absolute must for any Mage. Combined with Strong Mind, it will give you the energy you need to survive many battles.


Cold Blooded: Cold Resitance +25

You are natually resistant to cold.

This is a great boost to your resitance, but you cold effects are only common later in the game.


Demon Ancestor: Fire Resistance +20

Your great grandfather had fiery eyes.

Fire damage is really common, and it doesn't take much to take out a weak character. If you are playing a low Dexterity character, this may be a good idea.




Evasive: Evasion +7

You better to stay away from harm.

This is a huge boost to your ability to dodge. Rogues should definetly have this one, although all classes would benifit greatly from this.


Fist Fighter: Attack Power +6 when unarmed.

You know how to survive tavern brawls.

This is absolutely esensial if you are creating an unarmed character. Otherwise, don't bother.


Head Hunter: Attack Power +3 for every skull carried (Minotaur only)

A definite for the Minotaur Fighter in your party. There is one downside, there isn't that many skulls in the game, so be sure to limit this trait to only one of your characters.


Healthy: Vitality +2
You are exceptionally healthy.

This addional Vitality does more than just increases your healthy every level, but it also protects you from cold and poison. If you're looking to survive, this is very recommended.


Natural Armor: Protection +5 (Insectoid Only)

Your skin is very thick and armor-like.

Very useful for an Insectoid in your party, unless it's a Mage, which likely it is. Evasion is a much better choice than this one.


Poison Resistant: Poison Resist +25

You are naturally resistant to poisons.

Early in the game, this can really save you a lot of headaches, but once you gain enough Health, poison effects become less and less of a problem.


Skilled: +3 Skillpoints

You are learned.

There is no way I can fully explain how useful this is! There is a maximum level you can reach, meaning a max amount of skills you can earn, but this gives you 3 more to spend. These 3 Skillpoints can give you an extra spell or ability right of the hop that you may not be able to get until later levels. This one isn't for every build, but it will help out greatly!


Strong Mind: Willpower +2

Your mind is sharp as a needle.

A great trait for mages. It may not give you a huge boost of Energy out of the gates as Aura, but after a few levels, it will give you so much more.


Tough: Health +15

You are resistant to physical punishment.

The bonus is great to start with, but Healthy will give you a bigger boost over time.


Thunderstruck (Toorum Only!): Double movement speed

You are fast, very fast.

This trait is only available when playing as the secret character to make up for going through the dungeon solo.



Now with this knowledge, you should be able to successfully build your character so you have the best chances of survival as the game progresses.




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