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(Secret Character)

Once you have successfully help Toorum in the game (you will get the Buddies with Toorum Achievement) you can start a new game as Toorum! Unlike the other characters you create, Toorum is a pre-made character with his own stats and preset skills. You will also only be able to play with one character instead of the normal four. To create Toorum, go to the character creation screen when starting a new game, type in "Toorum" in the name field and press enter. The game will start automatically.


You will notice that he has both warrior and mage abilities. Unlike mages, though, you will need to find a staff or orb to equip in order to cast any spells.


Starting Stats:

Health: 45
Energy: 40


Strength: 18

Dexterity: 15

Vitality: 16

Willpower: 12


Skills: Armors (8), Axes (5), Swords (0), Earth Magic (5), Fire Magic (0), Spellcraft

Resist Fire: 11

Resist Cold: 14

Resist Poison: 14

Resist Shock: 14


Protection: 1

Evasion: 8


Traits: Tough, Thunderstruck, Skilled


Before jumping in and trying to beat the game as Toorum, just be sure not to pick the hardest difficulty, which is designed for a well balanced party. You may be able to manage the first few levels, but eventually you will get overwelmed by enemies (unless you have mastered this game).



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