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Legend of Grimrock Walkthrough:
Level 4


This is one of the most segmented levels in the game, each posing it's own type of challenge. (Note: The Slime Dungeon is covered in Level 3.)


Area 1: Main Hall Slime Dungeon Area 2: Beast Gardens Area 3: Time and Tide Area 4: Trails of Thought Area 5: Catacomb Toggle Secrets



1. Main Hall



The gate will slam behind you and 2 Adult Herders will welcome you to the 4th floor. Don't expect to be able to attack these as you have with the normal or small herders and survive. Strafing attacking or ranged attacks are key as they spew poisonous gas, which will damage the entire party every second while they still attack you. Fighting one is easy enough, but because there is two, be aware of your surroundings so you don't end up getting cornered. One of them has the Iron Key you need to continue.


Be sure to grab what you need as you continue into the Main Hall. Skeleton Archers will provide a welcoming ambush here, so don't get caught unaware. This Hall is the main area for the rest of the level as everything starts and ends here. There are 4 portals in the corners to the different area, all labeled so you know where you are going. The far east side has the Iron Door and the way to Level 5, but both ways are blocked for now.


To start the adventure, enter the Beast Gardens and Menagerie.


Items Found: Flask, Grim Cap, Iron Key, Recipe for Energy Potions



2. Beast Gardens


As you enter this area, you will find a button on the southeast corner and an energy receptacle on the southwest corner. To open the gate, press the button, the quickly strafe over to block the receptacle. On the other side will be an endless supply of skeleton warriors waiting for you. This is an excellent area for unlimited experience. There aren't many places in the game that will give you an opportunity like this, so I would highly recommend you to take advantage of it.


While your hunting skeletons, lets check out a secret. There are 3 cells here, each with a button near them to open the gates, but they will slam shut once you enter them. Don't worry, there is buttons in them to open the gates again. If you enter the southeast cell, there is a button to open a secret in the northwest area of this room.


The trick to open the door to the south is to lure the skeletons into the cells. Get one of their attention and back up into one of the cells, quickly open it again, then back out and the fool should follow you in. Do that all 3 times and the way forward will be open. This will also stop the endless spawning, so be sure you're done farming before doing this (although releasing one will start the spawning again).


A Crowern will probably fly out of the door when you get it open, which will be the first of 4. This is the main pit hall. Don't bother jumping into it yet, as there are better, and more fruitful ways in. Just grab the scroll near the middle and step on the teleporter to return to the Main Hall. Next we go to Time and Tide.


Items Found: Blooddrop Blossom (3), Leather Boots, Pitroot Bread, Quest Scroll, Ring Gauntlets

3. Time and Tide


This level starts off easy, but getting annoying later on. Just to the west of the floor switch is some throwing knives and the pit has some food. When you step on that switch a timer will start clicking, then a teleporter will flash up for less than a second. The goal is to shoot or throw a projectile into that teleporter to get it to the switch on the other side. It must be a projectile as any other item will just drop when they teleport. This will trigger a switch to the southeast and close some of the pits so you can cross.


Don't rush on ahead yet. Make sure you are off that switch, then place something on it. This requires a bit of precise timing, so you may want save first. Just as the teleporter appears, step into it to get access to the Book of Infinite Wisdom. Once grabbed you can exit out and continue down the south path.


Now for the annoying part. Chances are, you will fall once, especially if you want to get the secret, so I will explain the pit first. This pit is connected to the main pit, and has a cage in the middle we can't access yet. There are Skeleton Warriors and Archers here, as well as some alchemy ingredients and food. The way back up will take you back to the Main Hall again.


Items Found in Pit: Tar Bead, Cave Nettle, Burrow Rat Shank, Baked Maggot


The puzzle is simple but it can be difficult. When you first step on the floor switch, the pits will close one at a time, but only for a few seconds. There are also 2 paths, the normal path that goes straight east then south, and the secret. The secret is activated by a button on south wall above the 2nd pit, which opens a passage south just a few more squares to the east. I would recommend strafing to left across the pits to safely press the button and enter the secret area.


Both paths will lead you to a open area where you need to shoot or toss something across to open the gate. There are also a few Crowern that fly around this area, and fighting them will likely mean that you fall into the pit, which is the really annoying part. Once you do finally get past this obstacle, you can grab the item you tossed as well as another Shuriken. You will be back into the main pit hall again, so just grab the scroll here and take the teleporter again. Next is the Trails of Thought.


Items Found in Area: Baked Maggot, Book of Infinite Wisdom, Chitin Mask, Quest Scroll, Shuriken, Throwing Knives (3)


4. Trails of Thought


This area is all about trial and error. Two challenges that will require you to memorize the patterns. If you can't figure it out, we have a solution to them both.


The first one is a maze of floor switches. There are 9 switches in a 3x3 grid on the floor, and each one will spawn or remove teleporters. The solution is a dizzying path, so I'll explain it the best way I can.


Use the image to the right as a guide, or point at it with your mouse for it to animate. The path is 8, 5, 2, 3, 6, 5, 8, 9, 6, 5, 8, 7 (press the button), 4, 5, 8, 7, 4, 5, 8, 9, 6, 5, 2, 3 (exit).


The next area is another pit trap. If you fall in, there are 2 Slime Bells, and a small escape button on the wall where you fell into, but you will need to start this area over again so it isn't really worth it.


First, get the secret. Just east of the entrance to this room there is a button on the wall, which will open a secret to the south west with a limited use enchanted Dagger. Unlike arrows and Quarrels, you can't re-enchant it, so once it is used up, it is as useful as a regular dagger.


Back in the room with the pits, the solution is actually quite simple. From the door (not the switch), go forward twice, back once, right, then left. You can now cross and get the key to open the next door. Remember that Skeleton you saw on in an area of the main pit, room? It is time to deal with him now. He shouldn't be that difficult anymore.


Grab the scroll from the main pit room but don't take the teleporter back. We have another timed sequence to access another secret. In the corridor leading up to this room, there is a small area to the north which has a button. As i said it is timed, so you need to be quick... and I would recommend you to save so you don't have to repeat this area again if you fail. Press the button, race to the start of the main pit room. A temporary bridge along the south side. Turn around and face the wall and strafe to the east and press the button on the wall and quickly strafe back. Now, if you didn't fall, jump into the pit in the middle where the teleporter was. Good job! You now have the key to the Iron Door!


Open the cage and loot the area and fight off the monsters if you haven't been here yet, then make your way to the teleporter to the south to go back the the Main Hall. Beware of the grate at the entrance an a Sewer Lurker will now be there. These things are very deadly, so use a hit an retreat strategy to take it out, or use your ranged attacks. You can now go all the way east, then north and open the Iron Door. Once looted, we have one last area to explore... the Catacomb.


Items Found: Chitin Greaves, Gear Key, Venom Edge

5. Catacomb


If you noticed that this level was very light on the inventory, this area will make up for it as there is lots of items coming. As soon as you try to cross the path ahead, the pit will open up, as will doors with skeleton warriors and archers. The goal here is to remove the items off the pressure switches. There is food on a pressure switch west of the teleporter, and a rock on the north path. Beware, there are lots of Archers around here.

On the far East side, there is a switch, witch will release another party of skeletons. There is another button on the wall in that cell which has one more skeleton and a secret.


Now return to where we pulled that lever, and go just west to find another button on the wall. This will unleash another party of skeleton warriors. This button is also timed, so when you press it, you need to rush down the north path to the very end before it closes again. Now you can safely return to where we started in the catacomb and cross the pit bridge and collect the last scroll. Now take that portal back and lets finish this!


Back in the Main Hall head to the center. You will find 4 alcoves with a phrase on the wall near it. We need to place the correct scroll in each alcove. Save before placing the 4th one!


Put to sleep ... but still dreaming
Eternally imprisoned ... to depths beyond measure
Caverns still echoing ... by his call
Crimes forgotten ... but never forgiven


Once you place the last scroll, put your tail firmly between your legs and run back to the western entrance to make your stand. This is a difficult fight, and getting surrounded is a great way to end up dead. Also you may need some healing potions to survive this. Scavengers, and lots of them. Take them on one or two at a time (depending on how they come to you) and take them down. You may also want to slowly backup if you find you're taking too much damage, but don't go to far that you end up in the open again.


Once the waves finally subside, head back into the Main Hall and explore the north and south areas that have just opened. The lever reactivates the teleporters if you need to go back for any reason. Head east toward the stairs, but go south first to visit the Crystal of Life and more items. We can now finally lick our wounds and head down to Level 5.


Items Found: Battle Axe, Bone Amulet, Burrow Rat Shank (3), Cave Nettle, Crossbow Quarrels (3), Fire Bomb, Flarefeather Cap, Frost Bomb, Leather Gloves, Quest Scroll, Rock, Sack, Scroll of Frost Bolt, Tar Bead (4)



Continue to Level 5




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