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Legend of Grimrock Walkthrough:
Level 7


The return of the green slimes and the infamous Maze of Shadows are the highlights of this level. Plus you get to play Dungeon Hero!


Toggle Secrets Level 6 Area 5: Pits Fighter's Challenge Area 1: Entrance Area 2: Maze of Shadows Area 3: Raw Energy Area 4: Of Portals and Poison Area 5: Breaking Into the Vault


1. Entrance

As a welcome to Level 7, the first enemies you will come across are green slimes. Yay, right. If you completed the Slime Challenge you should be aware of how to fight these things off. If you haven''t, hit them with ranged weapons and take them on one at a time. Regardless, they should be easier as you are a higher level with better weapons and spells now.


Ignore the doors for now and follow the path and wipe out all the slimes since you don't want one of these things sneaking up on you. Now head back to the entrance and take the first door there and grab the loot. The button for the door is on the other side, further down the hall.


Next, take the next door closest to the entrance. More slimes make this room their home. There is a note here with a riddle. You need to close a door somewhere... Open all the doors, then close the first door we opened and a new room will open up in the second room.


Items Found: Battle Axe, Grim Cap, Note from Toorum, Ring Greaves, Tar Bead, Tattered Cloak, Throwing Knives (3)




2. Maze of Shadows

Follow the path to the rock slide and take the door to the Maze of Shadows. In this maze, taking the wrong path will get you teleported back to the beginning. If you are having problems following these directions below, use the Darkness Spell! There is a scroll for it in the maze if you need it. With the spell, you will be able to see the path much more clearly! Avoid the torches as light is not your friend.


First take a right to the fall wall, then take face left. Another note from Toorum is here. Head forward to the next path and turn left. Take the Bracelet, then turn around and follow your steps back to the last corridor. It will be the one with the grate in the floor, take it.


Go forward across till you get the scroll and take the next corridor to your right. A Slime Bell will be to your right. Grab it and go south to the wall, then take a right again and follow it until it ends. Go right for a box of food. Once you got your fill, turn around, and press the button to your left.


A wall will open to a teleporter. Ignore the bombs on the other side, you can't get their yet. Take the teleporter, dispatch the herders, take the loot, but don't return yet! There is a block with a marking on the east wall to get to those bombs.


Take the teleporter, then the same one again and make your way back to that box (or where it was). Follow the path to the left and head straight to the 2nd corridor to your left. Continue down this one until you reach the Slime Bell. Take the item, but don't go past the bell and take the path north just before it. Keep going until you hit the wall and take a left again. Flip the switch and you're free!


Items Found: Box filled with various Food, Crossbow Quarrels (2), Frost Bombs (4), Hardstone Bracelet, Mole Jerky, Note from Toorum (2), Scroll of Darkness, Slime Bell (2), Throwing Axes


3. Raw Energy

Take out the Uggardian, then dive into the pit to pick up another bracelet and take the teleporter back up. We don't know how to extend the bridge yet, so continue down the path to the west.


A sealed door is to your right, a floor switch to your left. Easy, right? Wrong. Pressing that switch also surrounds you in Green Slimes! Do yourself a favour and drop something on the trap and get back to the hall there to pick them off one at a time. There are lots of items here, but don't forget about the key behind the door that the switch opened.


Head back to the Keyhole to cross the bridge to your right. A few Uggaridans roam the halls here. Once taken care of, there is a button on the south end of the hall. You need to press it, and get out of the first ball of engery, then get into the other hall to avoid the second one. If you did it right, the gate and bridge will be open. Ignore the other pits here as they take you to the same bracelet that we got before.


Continue past the gate and fight off more slimes. The south area of this section has some doors, a Crystal of Life is found in the east area, and a teleporter to the north. Take the rooms to the south first.


Don't press the button as that will launch a fireball at you, use the door in the middle with the chain. There will be two floor pads, one will open the gate, the other will send a bolt of energy. The key is to press the one in front of the gate, then strafe over to the other one to let the energy by. Beware as 3 Uggardians will be unleashed.

Item Found: Boiled Crag Beetle, Bracelet of Tirin, Diviner's Cloak, Iron Key, Milkreed, Note from Toorum, Scroll of Invisibility, Shaman Staff, Throwing Axe




4. Of Portals and Poison

Now head to the teleporter area, which will get you safely across the pit. But why play it safe? Dive into that pit! Each floor switch will launch a Poison Bolt at you. Criss-cross the area, avoiding as many as you can to get to the other side. There is an item on one side, a lever on the other. The lever will unleash spiders and a crab into the mix.


You have to cross those switches again, meaning enough poison to slaughter your party will be in your wake. An alcove just before the end is your salvation, just strafe into it before you get caught. It doesn't matter if you take the left or right path as both have an alcove on the outside wall.


Take the teleporter up, then the one behind you to cross the pit, the teleporter here too! You will find a sack with alchemy ingredients in the alcove here.

Now take the pit down again! Another Ogre makes its home here. Take it out and score the loot! As you exit the stairs, head left first. There are 5 switches on the wall. The south switch and the center west switch needs to be down, the others up. Then continue back down the hall and to the left.


Falling into this pit will end with you back into the Ogre's Lair, so don't fall in on purpose. First off, wait for the pits to close, then race to the middle and intercept the energy beams. Now look back to the entrance and you will see an item to the left of it. Time it so as soon as the beam its you, dash to the item, then dash back again to block the energy again.


The way out is locked, so you need to hit a button on the north wall at the far west side of the room. Once again, wait for the hit, then dash there, push the button and get back to catch the next one. It would be a good idea to then make a dash for the hall you took to enter here to fight the Uggardians. Once they are gone, use a timed dash to the door that we just opened. Ignore the path to the right, that just leads to the other side of the area that we teleported into earlier.


Item Found: Assassin's Dagger, Blooddrop Bloosom (2), Boots of Valor, Brace of Fortitude, Burrow Rat Shank, Crossbow Quarrel, Flask, Grim Cap, Heavy Shield, Milkreed, Sack, Tar Bead

5. Breaking Into the Vault

Continue down the twisting hall, and when it splits, go straight. There will be more Uggardians there. Vanquish them and continue through the door. Ignore the pit, there is nothing down there and don't take the stairs as it is the wrong path into the Vault! Another Skull is ahead if you have need of one.

Are you a dungeon hero? Continue down and you will find a room where energy bolts are flying out at you. You need to continue blocking every energy bolt to pass! It is best to stand as far back as you can to give you the most time. This isn't easy and it will take several attempts, but if you are successful, the Iron Door will open. You should now have a complete set of Chitin Armor, congratulations!


Head back to where the path split earlier, and go south. There is an Uggardian floating around here, and in the area where all the paths converge is our favourite batch of tentacles guarding a Flail. It is just north of this beast that is of real interest.


You will find a brick with that symbol on it on the north wall, just between the to paths that head south. Press it and rush to the East to the far end, then run south. A new passage has opened up on the east wall, but it is timed, so if you didn't make, it, you will need to press the brick again. This is the path to Level 8 that we will take.


Items Found: Chitin Boots, Milkreed (2), Flail, Scroll of Enchant Fire Arrow, Skull



Continue to Level 8




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