Crimson Tear

Legend of Grimrock Walkthrough:
Level 3

Some of the enemies that you will encounter in this section will show how difficult this game can be, so grab your best weapons and prepare for the worst.



Level 3 Map Area 1: Echo of Toorum Area 2: The Pit of Secrets Area 3: Teleporter Puzzle Area 2: The Pit of Secrets Area 4: Arachnophobia Area 6: Energy Unleashed Area 5: Slime Challenge Toggle Secrets




1. Echo of Toorum


To start you off in Level 3, we have a new puzzle. It still isn't difficult, but it can be easily missed. To open the door, you need to place a torch in all 3 sconces on the middle pillar of this room. If you didn't grab the torches, you may need to head back up to the previous level. I would recommend you always have torches with you as this type of puzzle gets more common. Dead torches don't work on these types of puzzles, so I recommend you to replace your torches when they are getting dim, and use those dim ones for these puzzles.


Likely a Crowern will fly out once that door is open, so deal with it and its friend inside. Once you get into the open again, stay on your guard as a Skeleton Archer inhabits this area. Archers can only attack straight on, just like you, so you can take it out with strafing attacks across the pit, or you can charge around the pit and attack him at melee. He is just as deadly if he hits you from point-blank or from across the room, so it may be a good idea to play it safe when dealing with them until you are a bit stronger.


Before leaving this area, press the button on the west inside wall. This will open a small room in the middle, but more importantly, another button. You now will have a clear view to the room across the pit, so now all that's left is to toss something across to collect you well earned Bow!


Since you have never had any type of bow before, you should know how arrows and quarrels work. You will often find enchanted arrows laying around or dropped by monsters. These arrows only have a 1 use activation. Once used, they will revert to just normal Broadhead Arrows or Crossbow Quarrels. These can be re-enchanted by your mage if they know the spell to enchant them. Enchanted arrows that have become regular arrows will not be picked up automatically unless your last attack was using a regular arrow, so be sure to grab your ammo after the fights as they are quite rare. Also, don't leave Quarrels behind because you only use a bow. I would recommend having your archer hold on to both as there will be many battles where you will be short on ammo, and even both won't feel like enough.


Once you have the loot, you can grab your item you tossed and head down into the pit to chop up some snails for more food, and get a few more items, including another skull. The lever on the wall will activate the way back up. You will need to take the long way around the pits again, but you can now continue west, then north. The door here is locked, so take the gate east.


Don't rush in as the door will slam behind you, which will make this next fight increasingly difficult and frustrating. 4 Skeleton Warriors will come out of the sides, meaning it will be easy for you to get surrounded. You can waltz in and take them on gladiator style, or you can play it safe and deal with one at a time. The easiest method is to place an object on the floor plate on the other side of the gate before opening it. This will keep the gate open so you can funnel enemies to their deathbeds one at a time.


If you did get trapped, and survived the fight, there are 2 ways out. The pit in the middle will bring you back to the same pit, and exit we had in the room before, or you could just flip the switch to open a secret exit (which is the recommended path). Be sure to grab the items, including the Brass Key as you make your way back to the door.


After the door, take the west path first to meet the only other prisoner you will find in the game. Well, not really meet, but read about. Toorum has left notes and scrolls throughout this game which describes his travels. This is really the only story that exists in the game, and these notes will also give you clues as you go. By the end of the game, you will know more about Toorum than any of your party, especially since they don't have any real character other than the ones you built yourself.


You can now head back west, then north again, and into the Crystal of Life Room.


Items Found: Baked Maggot, Brass Key, Broadhead Arrows (3), Cave Nettle, Empty Flask, Frost Bomb, Short Bow, Shuriken (2), Skull, Tar Bead (3), Toorum's Note #1


2. The Pit of Secrets




The crystal of life room will have more pits, which has Light Greeves being guarded by a Herder and the path to the east has a nasty spider, aka Arachnius Gigantus. There isn't much of a plan against these, other than kill it quickly. Their poison will leave you weak if you get afflicted, so it may be a good idea to attack, then back up.


In the next room there will be more pits. The area below will cover the rest of the pits in this level, so if you dive into this one, you don't have to worry about the rest. In the pit there are 2 secrets. The small map to the right will help if these directions are a bit confusing.


The teleporter up will be on the south wall, ignore it for now. First, we need to disable the teleporter in the locked area to the north. The button to turn it off is on the east side. Now we need to place something on 3 floor switches. The first one is at the far west side, the other 2 behind the bars in the north section. By placing objects on these places the gate will open so you have access to the first secret.


Before you leave, press the button on the east side again to reactivate the teleporter and walk through it. Bingo! You now have access to another secret. Once you're done scoring the loot, and the stuff you dropped to open the gate (if you need them), take the teleporter on the southwest area to go back up.


I would recommend to take out the other spider that is lurking on the east side of this area first, then go back to the west pit again. Just to the west of it you will see a small button, this will close the pits briefly, so you need to work fast. Race across to the eastern pit and press the button on the wall above it to open another secret teleporter just to the south-west... but keep moving as you press it or you'll fall back in to the pit.


This secret is highly recommended as you will find a much needed Tome of Health. Once you warp back, head back east and through the gate to the next headache.


Items Found: Light Greeves, Scroll of Invisibility, Serpent Bracer, Shuriken, Tome of Health


3. Teleporter Puzzle



On the other side of the gate, you will find yourself in a teleporter puzzle. Each time you step into the teleporter, you will always be brought back to the beginning. There is a rock behind the bars in east if need one. The trick here is to face east, have something ready to throw or shoot, and wait for it to pass. Now strafe to your right once, take a step back, then to strafe right again and throw your object. This will close the pit in the middle, so you can move forward and stand on it as it will be a safe zone. If you got caught, just time your step and get into the middle.


Now facing toward the gate, wait for the teleporter to pass your right, the strafe right, and throw another object to open the gate. All that's left now is to step forward as the wave passes to get through. There are some items here, and a rock slide to the southeast blocking your path. You will also come across a destructible obstacle here - eggs. You can remove them by attacking them enough times. You can just avoid these if you wish, but later in the game, these will often hide items or block access to buttons.


Beyond the northeast gate there are some bombs on display. You can grab them now, or later, as we will be back shortly. Hopefully you don't suffer from arachnophobia as there are a lot of spiders from here on in. You will get one right after opening the door, and many more in the room to the south. What we need here is 2 Iron Keys to open the north door. One, along with many other items and spiders, are in the large room to the south. There are 2 entrances into it, so it is up to you which way you choose... but I would recommend caution as you don't want to end up cornered by more than one spider.


The second key and another secret await you in the north east section. You will see a riddle on the wall with a pit and a gate to the left of it. The trick here is to drop an item into the pit. Don't worry, it will come back along with the key we need just by your feet. If you drop another item in, you will trigger another secret. Now we can take the door to the north.


Behind the door is more spiders and a torch puzzle. Just place torches on the outside walls. This will lock the path forward, but that is fine for now. A room will open in the northwest corner with a switch for the Iron Door on the south wall. Flip the switch and go back to the teleporter room, but take the east gate where the bombs were. If the pit is still open, it probably means you didn't take an object off the east floor switch you just walked over. You should now have clear access to the secret room. Once you have the loot, head back to the torch room and remove one of the torches to open the path north.



Items Found: Blooddrop Blossom, Broadhead Arrow (2), Cave Nettle, Huntsman's Cloak, Iron Key (2), Loincloth, Longsword, Nomad Mittens, Poison Bomb (2), Sandmole Hide Vest, Silk Hose



4. Arachnophobia


This is where things start to get real hairy. Expect spiders to come out of everywhere in this area. The west side has some items, but the buttons on the south pillar are the key to continue. First, press the one on the north side of the pillar, which will unleash a spider. Deal with it first, the head back to the button. You might want to heal up before you continue.


Press the button, then strafe right, race forward, then strafe left until you get to the path forward and enter the room. More spiders will great you here. Try to take them on one at a time, but if you need to go back through the gate, there is a button to the south that will open it. Once you fight them off, there is some loot if you stay right, then head back west.


Both the south and north paths take you to the same place, so you can explore both paths, but as you west you will enter the main nest. There are some items here, but a secret room will open in the north west corner of the room we just left and will unleash spiders too, so don't get caught from behind. One of the spiders unleashed will drop a Gold Key, so be sure to grab it for later. Explore the gate in the north west for more loot too, but ignore the other 2 gates for now and head back to that secret room that just opened, loot the area and head down the stairs.


Items Found: Boiled Crag Beetle, Box, Cave Nettle (3), Fire Bomb, Gold Key, Grim Cap (2), Leather Gloves, Mole Jerky, Note from Toorum, Scroll of Shock, Shuriken, Small Shield, Tar Bead (3) and an almost completed alchemy recipe.


5. Slime Challenge


Even though this is on Level 4, I will cover this here since it is the only way to access it. There are two paths, but only one accessible right now, the way east. This area will be glowing green thanks to all the Slimes, aka Disease Mass. Even though it may look like it is safe to move around and take them on one at a time, it isn't. These things can attack through the bars and you can't. They also have the nasty tenancy of infecting your party with diseases. Take this area REALLY slow and try to lure them out into the main central path. This is the best place to defeat them since you can launch everything ranged you have, which should weaken them enough to kill them by the time you are stuck in melee combat. Attacking, then taking a step back also works well too.


There are some Slime Bells here, which combined with Tar Bead will cure diseases, the Green Gem is in the far southeast, and the northeast holds a treasure. Once you got the place picked clean, head back to the door we couldn't open.


Simply put the Green Gem in it's mouth to enter the next secret area with more loot. Once done, go back up the stairs and into the spider's nest.


Items Found: Crossbow, Golden Deity Figure, Green Gem, Poison Bomb (2), Poison Quarrel (6), Slime Bell (3)



6. Energy Unleashed

Once back in the nest, take any of the gates to the west (they bring you to the same place). More spiders make their home here, but after the slimes, this will probably feel like a walk in the park.


The next room has a new puzzle, but easily solved. The gate to the north has some floor switches. Drop an item on the other side of the gate to open it. Feel free to grab the food on the other side. On your way out, you will trigger the energy orb again. Strafe to the left as you exit to let it go past you to open the door back to the Crystal of Life room.


The switch on the wall will close one the pits to let you access the crystal it if needed and make a shortcut back up if you ever need to. The Iron Door is to the west, and you need that Gold Key we got from the spider to open it. Once done, it is safe to head on down to main Level 4.



Items Found: Baked Maggot, Cave Nettle, Knoffer Mace, Leather Cap, Note from Toorum, Ring Boots



Continue to Level 4




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