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The Bestiary




Lv: 10

STR: 80
ATS: 70
SPD: 12

HP: 538

DEF: 60
ADF: 20
EXP: 30

A floating monster from the Bose region. Extremely dangerous. Uses powerful arts.

Elemental Efficacy


Sleep Seal Confuse Faint


x4 x4 x4 x4 x8



When the description tells you an enemy is extremely dangerous, it isn't kidding. The Wisdom isn't just very powerful in terms of strength, but combined with a high HP, strong defense and powerful Arts, it can easily wipe out your party if you aren't careful.

Make sure you have one healer ready with HP 1, or HP 2 if you got it, and the others ready to dish out some major Orbal Attacks of their own, especially fire attacks. You will need to hit it fast and hard since it can also suck the life right out of your party.

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