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The Bestiary


Forest Mist

Forest Mist

Lv: 8

STR: 43
ATS: 0
SPD: 8

HP: 198

DEF: 35
ADF: 0
EXP: 12

Mist-like monster that lurks in forests. Blows gases on its enemies. Difficult to hit.


Poison Freeze Petrify Sleep Mute Blind Seal Confuse Faint Death Blow Rage

x3 x3


There aren't many really annoying enemies in this game, but the Forest Mist is certainly is one of them. It's almost immune to physical attacks, so you will need to rely on your Arts to do damage, but expect a few wasted turns as its gas attack can interrupt your Arts, or even cause a missed turn. Oh, and it is immune to almost all effects, including instant kill. Fantastic!

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