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The Bestiary


Master Cryon

Master Cryon

Lv: 15

STR: 95
ATS: 30
SPD: 11

HP: 815

DEF: 60
ADF: 20
EXP: 16

A monster rarely sighted in the elevated regious it inhabits. Uses water-based arts.


Freeze Petrify Sleep Mute Blind Seal Confuse Faint Rage Rage

x3 x16 x2 x16 x8 x3 x9


The Master Cryon is the side-quest boss of the Nebel Valley, and its power is not to be underestimated. Since it attacks with 2 Boiled Egger R and 2 Boiled Egger G in tow, this suddenly become a very large battle focusing completely on Arts. If you can, use Aerial to hit as many enemies as possible to lower their numbers before you are blasted by endless magical attacks. With the Eggs down, just hit Cryon with fire attacks until it falls.

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