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The Bestiary


Fate Spinner

Fate Spinner

Lv: 11

STR: 100
ATS: 0
SPD: 15

HP: 508

DEF: 75
ADF: 30
EXP: 22

A large monster lurking in the moutains. Attacks with surprising speed for its size.



x16 x1 x4 x2 x16 x4 x4


The Fate Spinner found in Ravennue Trail is the mini-boss you encounter during the Ravennue Monster mission. When it attacks, you will find yourself quickly taking damage while your physical attacks do very little against it. Switch over to using non-earth Arts and this huge beast will fall quickly. Fate Spinner also has a nasty habit of breaking your Art power-ups, meaning you will need to recast your Arts when that happens.

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