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The Bestiary


Shining Pom (Bose)

Shining Pom

Lv: 12

STR: 60
ATS: 50
SPD: 16

HP: 486

DEF: 90
ADF: 255
EXP: 108

A dastardly, shining fluff. Insanely quick and, well, insane. Near impossible to hit.


Poison Freeze Petrify Sleep Mute Blind Seal Confuse Faint Rage


x30 x30 x30 x30 x30 x30 x30



The Shining Pom is rare to encounter, and, at earlier levels, even rarer to defeat. Due to their difficulty, many players will be discouraged to even try, but defeating even one of these critters are so rewarding that it's worth trying.

First off, make sure you get a preemptive attack by running into them from behind. Second, don't bother with magic since it is useless. Fully charged S-Breaks (to 200) are the best way to take them out. If you have either the Deathblow 1 or Deathblow 2 equipped, physical attacks may be useful, but without them they are fairly useless. Shadow Spear also can help with its 10% instant kill.

It should be noted that even though they travel in groups of 3, killing 2 will already reward you with the max amount of Sepith you can get from a single battle, so the third will only reward you with experience and a possible item.

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