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The Bestiary


Night Nautilus

Night Nautilus

Lv: 15

STR: 125
ATS: 50
SPD: 10

HP: 839

ADF: 10
EXP: 23

A large monster living near the sea that emits a blinding shock. Explodes when defeated.



x6 x2 x5


The Night Nautilus looks terrifying and powerful. In reality, they are terrifying and powerful. Its Lightning Slash ability will hit every ally in the battle, doing plenty of damage per hit. Because of its devastating attack, you may be tempted to rush the enemy and attack it with everything you have, but that will only get you killed when it self-destructs. The best option you have is to hit the Night Nautilus with your most powerful ranged Arts, using wide area attacks if you're fighting other enemies in the same fight.

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