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The Bestiary


Flying Shrimp

Flying Shrimp

Lv: 14

STR: 110
ATS: 0
SPD: 12

HP: 448

DEF: 55
ADF: 18
EXP: 18

A pelagic monster that flies. Secretes poison that can seal movement. May call for backup.



x5 x3


Flying Shrimps might be one of the most annoying enemies in the Gull Seaside Way. They have a good defense against everything, moderate HP, and strong attacks which have the chance to prevent any movement for a time. To make matters worse, given the chance, it will summon other Flying Shrimps to come to its aid. Due to its balanced defense, both physical or magical, it is recommended to hit it with whatever you have which packs the largest punch, unless you want to let it spawn more enemies for more experience.

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