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Regions & Landmarks

Ravennue Village

Ravennue Village


The Ravennue Village is a small settlement north-west of the City of Bose known for their amazing orchard. It used to be a mining town until the septium mine north of town closed down. This village was also decimated during the war, being so close to the border. A monument can be found the graveyard honouring the six righteous people who lost their lives in the flames of war (Leif, Abel, Nicole, Wilhelm, Irena and Mischa.)

The Ravennue Trail is actually part of the town, thus both exits connect back to it.


Map of Ravennue Village:

Ravennue Village Map Ravennue Trail Ravennue Trail Emile General Goods The Moonlight Path Ravennue - Elder's House Orange & Gray's House Figaro's House


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