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Varenne Lighthouse

Varenne Lighthouse


Standing attop the rocky coastline of Azelia Bay in the southwestern area of Ruan, the Varenne Lighthouse guides ships making port in the City of Ruan. Despite the declining fishing industry, this lighthouse is still one of the most well-known landmarks of the area.

Due to its very isolated area, located off of the Manoria Byroad, the keepers tend to become quite strange. It's current keeper, Vogt, has certainly taken this behaviour to a whole new level. The constant threat of vicious monsters in the area, who are keen to sneak into the lighthouse, definitely doesn't help his attitude.

Map of Varenne Lighthouse:

Varenne Lighthouse Map Manoria Byroad


Inhabitants of Varenne Lighthouse:

Trails in the Sky: VogtVogt

Vogt is the keeper of Varenne Lighthouse. You would think his isolation would make him recluse and savage, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Although his mannerisms have taken a strange turn, he still knows how people should treat one another, and doesn't hold back in teaching others what he knows, whether they want to or not. He also takes his duties very seriously, although he does make mistakes from time to time.


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