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Regions & Landmarks


Trails in the Sky (the first chapter) travels throughout the Liberl Kingdom, which is devided into 5 areas, each centered around a city. These locations are Rolent, Bose, Ruan, Ziess and Grancel.

(This area is a work-in-progress and more locations will be available as the guide is completed.)

Locations in Rolent:

Rolent Map The City of Rolent Perzel Farm Malga Trail Milch Main Road Verte Bridge Bright Family House Elize Highway Mistwald Gurune Gate Malga Mine Esmelas Tower

Locations in Bose:

(More areas will be listed as the areas are completed.)
Bose Map Verte Bridge East Bose Highway The City of Bose West Bose Highway Ravennue Trail Ravennue Village Eisen Road Haken Gate


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