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Esmelas Tower

Esmelas Tower

The Esmelas Tower is one of four towers spread across the Liberl Kingdom. These towers were built so long ago that no one has remembered their purpose, although the odd machine on their upper-most level seems to be an important clue. The other towers are the Amberl Tower in Bose, the Sapphirl Tower in Ruan, and the Carnellia Tower in Zeiss.

Located off the Malga Trail in Rolent, the Esmelas Tower is a focal point of monstrous activity, making it a popular spot for youngsters to prove their bravery. Each level is confined within it's circular shape, making it relatively easy to navigate even its current state of disrepair, if it wasn't for the moderately powerful creatures for this region. Due to its age, and lack of human activity, many of the bridges and platforms have been damaged, which has turned its levels into small mazes, but it is still easy to see that this was once a very beautiful tower, and a feat of engineering.

Items found in this area include: Knitted Shoes, Potluck in a Shell, Tear Balms, and Tin Staff.

Map of Esmelas Tower:

Malga Trail


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