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Regions & Landmarks

Haken Gate

Haken Gate


The Haken Gate is the main gate between the Liberl Kingdom and the Erebonian Empire. After it was destroyed in the war, it was rebuilt larger and stronger than ever. Tensions are still high after the war that took place between the two kingdoms years ago. Currently, a very hot-tempered General Morgan is in charge of this high-security area.

An Inn and Tavern is also found in this area for travellers waiting for clearance to wait. Here you can rest for a night for 60 Mira, or purchase a Vegetable Sandwich or a Potluck in a Shell. On your first visit Marco, found in the corner of the inn, will give you Carnelia - Chapter 3.

The only way to this gate is travelling up the Eisen Road north of Bose.

Map of Haken Gate:

Eisen Road

Inn & Bar

  Item Price (Mira)
Meal Vegetable Sandwich 150
Meal Potluck in a Shell 200



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