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Locations & Maps

Grancel Castle

Grancel Castle

The Grancel Castle is the political capital of Liberl and the royal palace of the Monarchy. It is located at the north end of the City of Grancel.

The main floor is mainly a large foyer, with large meeting rooms on each side. Three doors exit opposite the entrance: the kitchen, banquet hall, and maid's quarters.

Stairs leading into the basement storage area are accessible via the kitchen. This also contains the entrance to the Sealed Area.

The second floor is assessable by two large staircases. The middle entrance opens to the throne room, with guest quarters on each side. A library is at the end of the left guest area, and a restaurant/bar is at the end of the right guest area.

The right guest area also has stairs that lead up to the Terrace. At the top of the Terrace are the living quarters for the queen and her daughter.


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