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Current Projects and Status

Updated March 17, 2024

Be sure to follow me on the Blue Sky Social App and on Threads, where you can learn of updates as they happen instead of on a monthly(ish) basis.

I fixed a few more odd placed advertisements. If anyone sees them appear where they mess up the layout, please let me know so I can throw them into the pyre.

Murder in the Alps Updates:

Very little progress has been made since last month, mainly because I have been focusing on making textures to smooth the creation of future Wizardry 8 maps. I am now forging ahead with the next chapter, but I expect to complete it in a month or so.

Wizardry 8 Updates:

I have finally finished the map for Arnika Road. I initially added lines and shading to show the elevation changes, but it made the map much harder to understand as it was too complex. The areas that are too steep to walk up were left in.

You may notice a small area of Arnika on this map. I will combine all the overworld maps into a hub afterwards, so I decided to add more of the world beyond the edges of the overworld maps. Each map doesn't fit perfectly, so I needed to shrink it. Arnika is horrible for fitting in as it is much larger than it should be and overflows onto the adjoining maps when mapped in.

I've fine-tuned the zoom and scroll functions. The maps now default to a more detailed, zoomed-in view, reducing the need for frequent adjustments. This change is particularly beneficial for larger maps, which previously required excessive zooming out, often leading to obscured details. If using a mouse to point and scroll, it now tries to zoom in at your mouse cursor. It isn't perfect, but I will tweak it later. If anyone has an easy fix (outside of using a premade mapping engine - which doesn't work well for this type of map), please let me know.

Our upcoming RPG guides will be for the core Might and Magic series and other Wizardry games created after Sir Tech dissolved, including any remakes. Once Wizardry 8 is complete, Might and Magic: Book 1 will be the next project, and then I will return to Wizardry if the new remake of Wizardry 1: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord is out of early access by the time our MM1 guide is finished. I would also like to return to Legend of Grimrock, giving the guide a modernization and create a guide for the sequel.

Once Murder in the Alps is completed/caught up, I will redo the earlier chapters since they are not very mobile-friendly and add an achievements section, and then work on Murder by Choice will begin. Since both games continue to release new chapters, I will likely bounce back and forth between these two for a while. If I ever catch up on these two, Other guides for Adventure games will be for the Enigmatis series, then the other Artifex Mundi games in the Unsolved: Hidden Mystery collection. There are many others I would like to create guides for, but I am still determining how far I will get.

I have received a few emails asking if I will create other guides for the rest of the Trails in the Sky series. At this time, probably not. If I had enough time and income to work on game guides full-time, then it is something I would love to do. Creating these guides takes a very long time, and I may have too much on my plate.

About CrimsonTear.com

The name CrimsonTear [pronounced '  krimzənˌ  ter] can mean many things to the world, especially when incorrectly pronounced. I chose the name when imagining a phoenix rising quickly from the ashes leaving a fire-bordered tear in reality, which exposes a new world behind it. You can also think of it as tearing through a game, leaving only a fire trail behind, since that is what our guides help gamers do.

While others strive to make as many game guides or walkthroughs as possible, I focus on quality. Expect high-quality game guides providing details, tips and information that we find helpful or entertaining. I also try not to cut corners by copying what exists already. Hence, I create maps manually, provide more valuable descriptions (when possible), and look outside the box for ways to complete tasks. I don't just want to help someone beat a game but also provide helpful ways to finish them quickly while still enjoying the experience. While I have created a few guides for console games, most of the tiles featured are available for Windows, although mobile and console versions usually exist.

This site wasn't always about game guides, though. Some archived pages include guides for TV shows, reviews and news. Back then, you could think of the name as binging something until your eyes turn red. Initially, it was a site that helped gamers emulate old console games on PCs. Back then, we were known as Nerologic, but that feels like different life at this point. While you won't see game downloads here, CrimsonTear has returned to its roots by focusing on gaming. I have no intention of returning to the source of the world's cleanest ROMs, people like Vimm can do that, but the site wouldn't be where it is now if it wasn't for the loyal fans that followed through with the changes and helped me strive to be the best game guide creators on the internet.