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Orbments are mechanical devices that use Orbal Energy during the Orbal Revolution. Though this technology was only created 50 years ago, its uses have reached all facets of life from heaters and lights to powerful weapons, armor and magic.

There are 7 types of elements, or Sepith, that can be used to create an Orbment: Earth, Fire, Water, Fire, Mirage, Space, and Time. The Sepith can be fused together to create Septium Crystals, which are used to make devices, or Quartz, which focus the power of the elements into powers and abilities.

Earth Sepith (brown) allows earth magic, and is useful when altering strength or defense.
Water Sepith (blue) allows the use of water or cold magic, plus has healing abilities.
Fire Sepith (red) allows the use of fire magic, or the alteration of offensive abilities.
Wind Sepith (green) allows the use of wind attacks, with the added advantage or speed.
Time Sepith (black) warps the speed of time.
Space Sepith (gold) affects the physical world (travel time and distance).
Mirage Sepith (silver) alters perception and cognition.

Quartz is purchased with sufficient Sepith at an Orbal Factory. To equip Quartz, go to the Orbment Window for the character. Each character has 7 slots which need to be unlocked to use, and only slots connected to active slots can be unlocked. In addition, some slots can only use a specific type of Quartz, limiting each character to a specific skill set.


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