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Items & Equipment


With so many different items, weapons, armor, quartz, it can be difficult to keep track of everything. We got you covered.

Just hover or click on each item for all the information. Each section is also sorted by type class, then alphabetical.



Bo Staff (Estelle) Hex Stave
Bo Staff (Estelle) Laundry Pole
Bo Staff (Estelle) Pile Rod
Bo Staff (Estelle) Stun Rod
Bo Staff (Estelle) Tin Staff
Swords (Joshua) Baselards
Swords (Joshua) Dual Razors
Swords (Joshua) Kunai
Swords (Joshua) Paring Knives
Swords (Joshua) Skull Daggers
Whips (Scherazard) Blitz
Whips (Scherazard) Scorpion
Whips (Scherazard) Viper
Orbal Gun (Olivier) Bear Assault
Orbal Gun (Olivier) Needler
Orbal Gun (Olivier) Zero Shot (X)
Rapier Flamberge
Rapier Rapier


Armour (All) Armor Vest
Armour (All) Battle Suit
Armour (All) Chain Mail
Armour (All) Hide Jumpsuit
Armour (All) Leather Jacket
Armour (All) Leather Vest
Armour (All) Shield Vest
Boots (All) Army Boots
Boots (All) Double Spikes
Boots (All) Holey Boots
Boots (All) Knitted Shoes
Boots (All) Leather Boots
Boots (All) Spikes
Boots (All) Strega-J
Boots (All) Strega-R
Boots (All) Work Boots
Accessory (All) Black Bangle
Accessory (All) Crest Charm
Accessory (All) Emerald Talisman
Accessory (All) Feather Brooch
Accessory (All) Gladiator Headband
Accessory (All) Glam Choker
Accessory (All) Jeweled Ring
Accessory (All) Lighter
Accessory (All) Lily Necklace
Accessory (All) Pearl Earring
Accessory (All) Red Scarf
Accessory (All) Ruby Talisman
Accessory (All) Silver Earring
Accessory (All) Skull Pendant
Accessory (All) T-Anklet
Accessory (All) Topaz Talisman
Accessory (All) White Bracelet
Accessory (All) Work Helmet


Potion EP Charge
Potion Insulating Tape
Potion Purging Balm
Potion Reviving Balm
Potion Smelling Salts
Potion Softening Balm
Potion Tear Balm
Potion Teara Balm
To Go Meal Apple Ice Cream
To Go Meal Azelia Rose
To Go Meal Beast Steak
To Go Meal Boiled Miso Carp
To Go Meal Briny Delight
To Go Meal Carmine Eye
To Go Meal Deep-Fried Smelt
To Go Meal Drill Meatball
To Go Meal Floral Jelly
To Go Meal Flowery Soda
To Go Meal French Fries
To Go Meal Fresh Juice
To Go Meal Fried Eyes & Eggs
To Go Meal Grilled Rainbow
To Go Meal Hot Fried Chicken
To Go Meal Maple Cookie
To Go Meal Milk Crepe
To Go Meal Mouthful Soup
To Go Meal Plucked Herb Tea
To Go Meal Potluck in a Shell
To Go Meal Red Tail Soup
To Go Meal Rockfish Skewer
To Go Meal Salmon Meuniere
To Go Meal Sweet Sponge Cake
To Go Meal Vegetable Sandwich
To Go Meal Wine-Steamed Egg
Sit Down Meal Abaddon Potluck
Sit Down Meal Cheese Risotto
Sit Down Meal Diehard Paella
Sit Down Meal Liberl Omelet
Sit Down Meal Salubrious Oatmeal
Sit Down Meal Wholesome Pasta


Element Item
Earth Orbment Defense 1
Earth Orbment Defense 2
Earth Orbment Defense 3
Earth Orbment Mute
Earth Orbment Petrify
Earth Orbment Poison
Water Orbment Freeze
Water Orbment Heal
Water Orbment HP 1
Water Orbment HP 2
Water Orbment HP 3
Water Orbment Mind 1
Water Orbment Mind 2
Water Orbment Mind 3
Fire Orbment Attack 1
Fire Orbment Attack 2
Fire Orbment Attack 3
Fire Orbment Confuse
Fire Orbment Seal
Fire Orbment Strike
Wind Orbment Evade 1
Wind Orbment Evade 2
Wind Orbment Evade 3
Wind Orbment Impede 1
Wind Orbment Impede 2
Wind Orbment Impede 3
Wind Orbment Scent
Wind Orbment Shield 1
Wind Orbment Shield 2
Wind Orbment Shield 3
Wind Orbment Sleep
Time Orbment Action 1
Time Orbment Action 2
Time Orbment Action 3
Time Orbment Blind
Time Orbment Cast 1
Time Orbment Cast 2
Time Orbment Deathblow 1
Time Orbment Deathblow 2
Space Orbment Eagle Eye
Space Orbment EP Cut 1
Space Orbment EP Cut 2
Space Orbment EP Cut 3
Space Orbment Move 1
Space Orbment Move 2
Space Orbment Move 3
Space Orbment Range 1
Mirage Orbment Cloak
Mirage Orbment EP 1
Mirage Orbment EP 2
Mirage Orbment EP 3
Mirage Orbment Haze
Mirage Orbment Hit 1
Mirage Orbment Hit 2
Mirage Orbment Hit 3
Mirage Orbment Information

Quest Items

Item Black Notebook
Item Black Orbment
Item Elevator Key
Item Gate Pass
Item Guild Referral
Item Guild Referral
Item Father Divine's Letter
Item Junior Bracer Emblem
Item Letter to Cassius
Item Maintenance Kit
Item Mayor's Referral
Item Progressive Rod
Item Quartz Fragment
Item Recommendation
Item Recommendation
Item Septium Crystal
Item Servais Leaf
Item Torn Map
Item Warehouse Key


Ingredient Aged Miso
Ingredient Azelia Fruit
Ingredient Bear Claw
Ingredient Beast Flesh
Ingredient Bird Egg
Ingredient Black Pepper
Ingredient Clear Gelatin
Ingredient Crisp Onion
Ingredient Curative Horn
Ingredient Dirty Carrot
Ingredient Dragon Beans
Ingredient Firefly Fungus
Ingredient Fish Egg
Ingredient Fish Fillet
Ingredient Flaky Potato
Ingredient Fresh Eggs
Ingredient Fresh Herb
Ingredient Fresh Milk
Ingredient Gummy Eyeball
Ingredient Juicy Bone
Ingredient Kibbled Salt
Ingredient Leathery Tail
Ingredient Liberl Carp
Ingredient Lucky Fang
Ingredient Luscious Orange
Ingredient Maple Sugar
Ingredient Marbled Steak
Ingredient Milled Flour
Ingredient Monster Carapace
Ingredient Olive Oil
Ingredient Prickly Seed
Ingredient Rainbow Trout
Ingredient Red Pepper
Ingredient Ripe Apple
Ingredient Royal Leaf
Ingredient Salmon
Ingredient Salted Anchovy
Ingredient Savory Pinion
Ingredient Sharp Cheese
Ingredient Smelt
Ingredient Tender Poultry
Ingredient Tiger Rockfish
Ingredient Tri-Colored Rice
Ingredient Vintage Wine


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