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Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny Pandora Character Guide


Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny Pandora




Pandora's arrival is triggered by completing Mikoto's quest "Something hidden beneath the waves".


While practicing magic, she accidentally turned herself to stone, but now that she can move again, nothing will stop her from conquering the world.


Birthday: 24th of Winter




Gift Ideas:

Loves: Rune Crystal
Accepts*: Flowers, Fish, Plants, Crops, Ore (not scrap)


* Unlike other characters, she will accept many other items (as a tribute) for a slight increase in friendship.




Getting Pandora:

In order to get Pandora to show up in town, you will need to first complete Mikoto's request "Something hidden beneath the waves". This request should appear sometime in the middle of the first Spring.


Take the statue you find at the location she gives you and bring it back to your home. Shortly after, Sierra will talk about a ghost in the cave. Join her after 7pm that night at the cave entrance at the docks to first encounter Pandora.


After that, she will remain in her 'ghost form' until you get her friendship to 1, at which time she will move into the church.



Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny Pandora's Requests


A fearsome magical beast.

Show her a Wooly. Just have one in your party and talk to her. Don't worry, she won't take it.

Reward: Magic Powder (1).


A small monster who will be great!

Talk to her with a Faerie in your party.

Reward: Gold Bracelet.


Attention my underlings!

This is a love interest request for Aden Only!

Bring her a gold ring and magic crystal.

Reward: Cursed Ring.


Behold my power!

Give her any vegetable and she will make a big version of it.


Bring me tribute!

She wants a toy, any toy will do.

You get this request very early, so likely you will need to wait until later in the game to get the necessary materials or experience crafting.


Feathered fiends.

Show her a Duck by having one in your party.

Reward: Silver Bracelet.


I have work for you. Be Honored!

Bring her any flower.

Reward: Staff Recipes Lv S.


Punish them!

Bring her 3 Rosaries.

Reward: Sickle Recipes Lv S.


Realize my greatness!

Search for a book with her in it.
Start by talking to Beatrix, then check out the bookshelf in the Mayor's Office, then finally speak to Gerard.

Reward: Staff Recipes Lv 2.



Take the Rune Spirits from the place she marked.

Reward: Devil Blood (1).


This cursed body.

Give her a Para-gone for her stiff joints.

Reward: Iron (1).


To boost my powers!

Give her a Protien Boost.

You will not be able to make Protien Boosts at all, so don't think about putting this one off.

Thankfully, they can be found randomly in chests and pots, and very reliably in jars on the East Side of Wind Spirit Shrine 5F.

Reward: Small Crystal.




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