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Rune Factory Frontier Brodik

Rune Factory Frontier Brodik



The local jerk. He moves in to a house near Kross during Autumn in the first year. Other than being a jerk to both you and Kross, he does nothing. You will learn to hate this guy very quickly, especially when he starts destroying your fields. It doesn't take too long before he leaves, but he makes your life difficult while he is around.





Important Facts:

Birthday: 17th of Spring
Best Gift: Apple Pie
Other Gift Ideas: Weeds*
Hates: Pendant, Pumpkin
Extra Notes: If you give him a weed, he normally gives you 1 Gold in return.






Rune Factory Frontier Brodik's Events

Condition:   Event:

Autumn, 1st Year
Kross' Event Complete


Kross will move into town during the Autumn of the first year. This will start a chain of events that will give you lots of be angry about. What starts with him taunting you, soon has him knocking on your door and running away, ruining your fields and sending golems after you. After the first golem event, he will lock himself in his house for a few weeks, but when he returns, you will need to fight his very power golem, then him after a day or two.

Don't go into battle with Brodik not prepared for a very tough battle. If you aren't above level 60, you will find this battle quite difficult. Don't try to hit him when he has his sword out or if he has his aura around him. Best time is to attack as he is putting his weapon away. After you defeat him, he will be back the following year for another fight.





Rune Factory Frontier Brodik's Schedule

Date 6AM 7AM 8AM 9AM 10AM 11AM 0PM 1PM 2PM 3PM 4PM 5PM 6PM 7PM 8PM 9PM 10PM 11PM 0AM 1AM 2AM 3AM 4AM 5AM
Monday Brodik's South District Brodik's
Tuesday Brodik's Mountain Road Brodik's
Wednesday Brodik's South District Brodik's
Thursday Brodik's South District Brodik's
Friday Brodik's Road to the Beach Brodik's
Holiday Brodik's
Rainy Days Brodik's Homestead South District Brodik's
Festivals Brodik's



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