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We travel to the future, the past and the nightmares in between


Colonel Henderson Hall

Colonel Henderson Hall in Primeval: New World played by Louis Ferreira
Colonel Henderson Hall
Played By:
Louis Ferreira


Colonel Henderson Hall is the man in charge of the military division that runs Project Magnet. Unlike Lt. Ken Leeds, he doesn't care about assisting Evan Cross with his Anomaly project since he has more ambitious plans that could either save the world, or alter it catastrophically.


Primeval: New World Appearances

Episode 1.11: "The Inquisition" - After a failed attempt at confiscating all of Evan's Anomaly devices, he forced a meeting with Evan in an attempt to get him to join his goal of reseeding the world to save the future. Evan refused so he threatened the freedom of his team in order to force him to join. Henderson also locked Lt. Leeds away after he refused to aid the Colonel in gaining Evan's trust. It was also hinted that he has seen the future, but how is unknown.




Colonel Hall interrogating Ken Leeds
Colonel Hall with Evan Cross behind him
Colonel Hall talking with Ange


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