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Fall 2012 TV Series Preview

That time is almost upon us again. The summer slump is over and the re-runs can finally go back to whatever vile hole they crawled out of. The new fall season is about to begin! Since there are so many new shows, and even more returning, we have no way to watch them all. This is the best time to decide what is going to be worth your time.

Let's take a look at what we're watching, and other notable fantasy, paranormal and science fiction series in the fall 2012 season.

There may be more series that will be added to this fall tv preview as more dates are revealed.


We're WatchingAlready Airing: Warehouse 13

CAN Showcase | UK US Syfy

This series is already active in the United States, but it will be starting in September for Canada and the United Kingdom. Many other series has shown us that time-travel has consequences, and this season, Warehouse 13 will show us how far some will go to make time right again.


Already Airing: Grimm


A cop tale with a twist of dark fairy tales built in. Reviews are mixed for this series, so it is either one to love or to hate. If you enjoyed the first season, tuning into the second is a must.


We're WatchingSeptember 1st: Doctor Who

CAN Space | UK BBC One | US BBC America

Doctor Who is the longest running Science Fiction series for a reason. Even though we know that the first half of this season will take us to the end of Amy and Rory's adventures, it is safe to say that the best is yet to come! Just looking at the lineup for the first three episodes of this season should give fans enough of a reason to tune in. If you aren't a Whovian yet, there is no better time than September 1st to start... except maybe now.


September 5th: Ghost Hunters


After a very long break, and Grant's departure from the team, TAPS is finally back to show us what goes bump in the night.


September 14th: Ghost Adventures

CAN Travel + Escape | UK Sky Living | US Travel

The Ghost Adventures crew are back to travel to the scariest, most notorious, haunted places in the world.


September 17th: Revolution


In this post-apocalyptic science fiction series, Eric Kripke and J.J. Abrams show us what could happen if all the lights go out. In a world without electricity, the governments of the past have no control, thus chaos has taken over what used to be great cities and countries.

If survival stories are your passion, Revolution will be right up your alley, otherwise you may want to watch this one from a distance to see if it explodes into something amazing or implodes into a black hole.


September 21st: Haven

CAN Showcase | UK US Syfy

The last season ended with gunfire, but no one knows if anyone was shot. There are as many possibilities as this town has dark secrets, so almost anything is possible.


We're WatchingSeptember 26th: The Neighbors


This series is a bit different from most of the others on this list. This sitcom follows a 'normal' family which moves into a neighborhood filled with aliens disguised as humans. Advanced reviews are really bad, but we will give it a try for a few episodes (if it lasts that long).


We're WatchingSeptember 27th: Elementary

CAN Global | UK Sky Living | US CBS

There is a lot of speculation on whether Sherlock Holmes is Fantasy or not, mainly due to the type of situations that are encountered. Unlike BBC's Sherlock, this series is taking a very different stance on a modern day Sherlock Holmes, which may be something amazing to watch, but also has a huge possibility to fail amazingly. There are high hopes for this series to succeed as Sherlock has.


September 28th: Fringe

CAN CityTV | UK Sky1 | US Fox

The final season of this series will be hard for fans. The team has been frozen in amber for 20 years, and now must awake again to save the world one last time.


September 28th: Paranormal Paparazzi

CAN Travel + Escape | US Travel

Aaron Sagers, a journalist for Paranormal Pop Culture, and his team travel around the United States to track down and document bizarre and paranormal occurrences.

No Promo Available. One will be added here when available.


September 29th: Star Wars: The Clone Wars

CAN UK US Cartoon Network

Darth Maul is back and has a score to settle. This season has a lot to live up to after Season 4, so for Star Wars fans, this one will be one to watch.


September 30th: Destination Fear

CAN Travel + Escape | US Travel

This series follows unsuspecting travellers who are setup for a trip of a lifetime to frightening locations across North America.


We're WatchingSeptember 30th: Once Upon A Time

CAN CTV | UK Channel 5 | US ABC

With a following like this series has we knew it was going to return, and it looks like it will only get bigger. Magic is back in Storybrooke, and now new fairy tale characters join the already massive cast. It is rare that this series disappoints, so expect great things to happen when it returns.


We're WatchingSeptember 30th: 666 Park Avenue


An attractive and young couple get a great deal on a luxurious New York apartment, where it's owners are not the good people they appear to be. The Drake may be known for the finest living in the city, but the Devil is in the details.

We're WatchingOctober 3rd: Supernatural

CAN Space | UK Sky Living | US The CW

Dean and Castiel are trapped in Purgatory where everything wants to kill them. Now going on eight seasons, this series has taken us to many dark places in the past, so there is no telling where our monster hunters will take us now.

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October 4th: Red Dwarf X

UK Dave

It's baaaaack! This series has an off-again / on-again relationship that has been going on for so long that any new season is met with springing heart. The tenth season is finally coming this fall with another 6 episodes. No news on any international releases yet, though.


We're WatchingOctober 6: Merlin

CAN Space | UK BBC One | US Syfy

Camelot isn't the same after the events of the last season. Part of the prophecy has been fulfilled, and Arthur is now the king. But darkness threatens to turn on the kingdom at any time, forcing a new order to be created to keep the kingdom safe.

Syfy and Space have announced they will be airing the upcoming season in January 2013.

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We're WatchingOctober 10th: Arrow

CAN CTV | UK Sky1 | US The CW

Many people are calling this Smallville version 2.0. No, this isn't the adventures of Clark Kent, this is the Green Arrow! It follows the life of billionaire playboy Oliver Queen, who was forced to survive in the wilderness for years after he crashed on a deserted island and was presumed dead. He now makes his return to his old life, but the island has changed him, and now he has a deeper, and much darker purpose in life.

Most super heroes only grace us with appearances in movies and cartoons, so this is very welcome.


We're WatchingOctober 11th: The Vampire Diaries


Elena has been turned into a vampire, whether she wanted to be one or not. With the founding families after them, and even more hunters on the way, their lives will never be the same.


We're WatchingOctober 11th: Beauty and the Beast

CAN Showcase | US The CW

Catherine Chandler, a New York cop has been haunted by the memory of a transforming beast since the death of her mother. Now that she has found him, she learns that this beast is not a terrifying monster, but a savior. This is another of those series that could become really great, or tear itself apart.


October 14: The Walking Dead


Beloved by zombie fans everywhere as much as zombies crave the living. If you love zombies and are a fan of survival stories, it is likely you are already craving this series return.


October 17: American Horror Story: Asylum


This upcoming season is a bit confusing. Many of the actors are returning, but with different roles. In fact, we know so little about it that it is difficult to judge of whether it will be worth tuning into. Hopefully as its premiere comes closer, more details will be revealed.


October 19: Nikita

CAN CTV | UK Sky Living | US The CW

This series keeps going thanks to its small, but very vocal, fan base. There is no telling where this rogue operative will take us now, but whatever path it takes, it is sure to kick some serious booty.


We're WatchingOctober 29: Primeval: New World

CAN Space | UK Watch

A spin-off of the popular British Primeval, New World is set in the same universe as the original but takes place across the ocean from the original Arc - in Vancouver, Canada. Primeval vet Andrew Lee Potts (aka Connor Temple) will even drop in on the Canadian ARC for a few episodes to get the ball rolling.


October ??: Tron Uprising


The 2nd hall of the first season is returning this fall. The uprising has begun, and the programs are out for revenge.


October ??: Wizards vs Aliens


Created by Russell T Davies and Phil Ford, this series follows a 16 year-old wizard Tom Clarke and his boffin best friend Benjamin Sherwood who are fighting for their lives against the evil alien Nekross who wants to consume anyone who has a connection to the magic arts.


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