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About Continuum

Kiera Cameron, a regular cop from the year 2077, gets dragged back to 2012 after a group of freedom fighters called Liber8 use time travel to escape their execution. Until she finds a way home, she decides to track down these escaped convicts before they cause irreparable damage to the future. She's not alone, though, as there are more pieces in play than just Liber8 -- some friendly, and some just as deadly.

Seasons: 3

Episodes: 36

Original Network: Showcase Canada

Normal Runtime: 60 Minutes

Genre: Science Fiction

Air Date and Time:
Canada Showcase: Season 3 Ended
Australia Syfy: Season 3 Ended
United States Syfy: Season 3 Ended

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Latest & Upcoming Continuum Episodes

Episode 3.13 Last Minute Aired: 2014-06-22
Episode 3.12 The Dying Minutes Aired: 2014-06-15
Episode 3.11 3 Minutes To Midnight Aired: 2014-06-08
Episode 3.10 Revolutions Per Minute Aired: 2014-06-01

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