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Season 2 Episode 1:

This Is War

Season 2, Episode 1 Aired: 2014-09-22

Ichabod Crane: And why must your era celebrate terror with desert?

Abigail Mills: I'm sorry, I couldn't find a cupcake big enough for two hundred and fifty-one candles.

Ichabod Crane: And here I thought science had won over superstition in modern America.

Ichabod Crane: Is there no end to this birthday madness?

Abigail Mills: Revenge won't bring them back.
Ichabod Crane: No, but it will be eminently satisfying.

Ichabod Crane: And he specifically summoned us?
Abigail Mills: Yup!
Ichabod Crane: Well, that's never good.

Ichabod Crane: I've been ready for over two hundred years.

Abigail Mills: We are talking about Benjamin Franklin, the editor of the Declaration of Independence?
Ichabod Crane: Blow hard, braggart, blatherskite, and gasbag.

Ichabod Crane: Any student of Franklin's would be as shewed and conniving as the man himself.

Ichabod Crane: "Diligence is the mother of good luck."

Benjamin Franklin: Clearly they never taught you how to tie a knot at Oxford.

Henry Parrish: A testament to the fact that anything can be tricked into believing a lie.

Ichabod Crane: I promise you, I will return for you!

Jennifer Mills: I've done a lot of sinning. I hope you choke on every one of them.

Henry Parrish: War is hell.

Abigail Mills: Have fun in Hell!

Ichabod Crane: Here, here for fire and brimstone.

Ichabod Crane: As usual, the impossible becomes our reality.

Abigail Mills: What if we're walking into another trap?

Ichabod Crane: I do not accept goodbye.

Abraham Van Brunt: The sooner you accept your fate, the sooner your life begins anew.

Henry Parrish: As God himself declared, I bring not peace, but a sword.


Season 2 Episode 2:

The Kindred

Season 2, Episode 2 Aired: 2014-09-29


Ichabod Crane: How can I rest knowing my wife is in the hands of the horseman?

Sheriff Leena Reyes: We are going to bring some sanity back to this town.

Abigail Mills: We're not taking about raising a weapon, we're talking about raising a monster.

Abigail Mills: This is insane!
Ichabod Crane: Much of my life can be categorized under those auspices.

Ichabod Crane: Thomas Jefferson once said, "Banking establishments are more dangerous than standing armies."

Ichabod Crane: It is this kind of gross invitation to indulgence that makes the power of the invisible hand to foster the true wealth of nations – a boon to your industry I'll grant – yet cementing your, and it pains me to say it, our lot as an insolvent flock of debtors destined...

Abigail Mills: She knew my mother, who was a little-bit totally crazy.

Sheriff Leena Reyes: I have friends in Terrytown Psych, and they tell me there are wonderful new ways to treat hallucinations these days – anti-psychotic drugs, electroshock therapy – I'll make sure you get the latest.

Abigail Mills: It's nice to know even a man from the 18th century won't ask for directions.

Ichabod Crane: I'm beginning to suspect that Franklin had lost his rudder when he wrote these notes.

Abigail Mills: My faith in you is my greatest weakness.

Abigail Mills: Meet our new best friend, Franklinstein's monster.

Abigail Mills: Point of no return, Crane.

Katrina Crane: If you take me now, you will live an eternity know that I'm not truly yours.

Abraham Van Brunt: You are wise enough to acclimate to this world; it will not exist for much longer.

Henry Parrish: Everyone needs a lawyer, especially a man facing life in a Hell like this.


Season 2 Episode 3:

Root of All Evil

Season 2, Episode 3 Aired: 2014-10-06


Ichabod Crane: I meant gentlemen wearing hats indoors! I know about homosexuals, thank you. I trained under Baron von Steuben.

Ichabod Crane: How nice to see you once again breath the sweet air of freedom.

Jenny Mills: It was Reyes' testimony that landed our mother in the same hellhole that I wound up in; where she took her own life.

Nick Hawley: Slow down, Shakespeare.

Henry Parrish: Hello, Sleepy Hollow. Time to wake up.

Henry Parrish: Your son's a lawyer, you must be very proud.

Henry Parrish: You haven't begun to know fear, or sadness.

Ichabod Crane: I must confess to feeling a growing hatred in my heart.

Ichabod Crane: I've been trained to hunt by an Abenaki warrior.

Abigail Mills: Our ranks of allies are getting thin.

Abigail Mills: She's, one, a grown woman; two, a witch; three a red head. You couldn't have stopped her if you tried.

Abigail Mills: I'm always on your side.

Ichabod Crane: Trust is the only currency of any value. All other forms are too easily counterfeited.

Season 2 Episode 4:

Go Where I Send Thee...

Season 2, Episode 4 Aired: 2014-10-13


Ichabod Crane: I've faced many enemies on horseback, horsemen without heads, even discovered my own son is the apocalyptic horseman of war... Thus, how challenging must it be to guide the power of three hundred horses using only ones right foot.

Ichabod Crane: The odometer, curse you Franklin for inventing such a traitorous device.

Ichabod Crane: Perhaps if you installed a turbo charger, this vehicle would have better acceleration.

Abigail Mills: I should arrest your ass for it.
Ichabod Crane: Perhaps if you could catch me.

Abigail Mills: Sometimes people get caught in the path of a storm and there's nothing they can do but wait for it to pass over them, you know it will pass.

Ichabod Crane: I haven't had to do so much sneaking about since the second continental congress.
Abigail Mills: Let me guess, this is when Betsy Ross had the hots for you?
Ichabod Crane: Oh, that woman was relentless.

Ichabod Crane: A gillygaupus like me? I can see for miles at my height.

Nick Hawley: Ah, hell, just shoot me.

Ichabod Crane: What possible defence could something so small provide?

Ichabod Crane: Lieutenant, if you would perform the logging ceremony.

Abigail Mills: You want a rematch?
Ichabod Crane: Honor demands it.

Henry Parrish: What is war but an instrument of justice?

Season 2 Episode 5:

The Weeping Lady

Season 2, Episode 5 Aired: 2014-10-20


Ichabod Crane: Betsy Ross herself would envy your handiwork, Miss Caroline.

Caroline: I think it's inspiring, and, to be honest, kind of attractive.

Abigail Mills: We need a signal. Need to hang a tie on the door knob or something.

Abigail Mills: Anyone could tell that girl had a case of Crane on the brain.

Abraham Van Brunt: Your only chance of weathering the storm is by my side.

Henry Parrish: I relish any chance to cause my parents pain.

Ichabod Crane: I have precious few friends in Sleepy Hollow.

Abigail Mills: This is where the gossip grapevine begins and ends – Spirit Squad.

Abigail Mills: Waterlogged, but back in action.

Mary Wells: But seeing me now, your heart still beats for me, as it always did.

Abigail Mills: She could be a literal green-eyed monster.

Nick Hawley: And if it blows up in your face, you didn't get it from me.

Katrina Crane: In order to raise the spirit, I must risk my own.

Ichabod Crane: The torment of the damned could not be worse.

Ichabod Crane: What in god's name did you do?

Katrina Crane: Your mission is far too important, my love.

Ichabod Crane: Our mission as witnesses pit those for whom we care the most in terrible danger.

Ichabod Crane: Marriage is difficult on the best day. Without trust, without honesty, how can a union between two people hope to survive.

Abraham Van Brunt: I am never happy to see you unhappy, Katrina.

Moloch: A soldier's duty is to obey!

Season 2 Episode 6:

And the Abyss Gazes Back

Season 2, Episode 6 Aired: 2014-10-27


Ichabod Crane: Once a hero, alway a hero.

Ichabod Crane: Oh, I do believe I've won.

Joe Corbin: It's going to kill us all.

Joe Corbin: My dad's dead because of you. I don't want your damned help.

Frank Irving: I'm not going to kill for vengeance.

Henry Parrish: Those who fight monsters would see to it that in the process they do not become one. When one gazes long enough into the abyss, the abyss gazes back.

Ichabod Crane: How is it that the man who settled Kentucky is remembered by the modern world as "the guy with the raccoon on his head?"

Ichabod Crane: "The grass does not try to grow. The water does not try to flow."

Nick Hawley: You had me at secret masonic cell, but this...

Nick Hawley: Never a dull moment.

Ichabod Crane: I fight in the war to which your father gave his life.

Abigail Mills: Thank you, Mr. Mijagi. Can I go home now?

Henry Parrish: Always violence or order with you two.

Henry Parrish: But Abigail Mills can protect you no more than she could your father.

Ichabod Crane: My son did this to your friend, I must help to make it right.

Ichabod Crane: You shotten herring! You are a scurvy louse! You are a slop bucket! Your a puss sludge no-good by-blow pair of... buns!

Frank Irving: Even God thought the Devil was beautiful before he fell.

Season 2 Episode 7:


Season 2, Episode 7 Aired: 2014-11-03


Ichabod Crane: I fought through lines of British regulars for the right to vote, yet our modern countrymen can barely form a line. Of course, they are more than patronate to vote for American Idolatry.
Abigail Mills: American Idol.
Ichabod Crane: I know its name, I'm telling you what it should be called.

Henry Parrish: We are his servants, and he does not tolerate disobedience.

Ichabod Crane: Perhaps these garments should have remained lost.
Katrina Crane: You don't like them?
Ichabod Crane: No, well, yes... They... Simply a shade form fitting.

Ichabod Crane: How can a headless Horseman say anything?

Katrina Crane: This thing growing inside of me is not born of any man!

Katrina Crane: Jincan is no ordinary poison; it's been used for centuries by dark covens to grow demons.

Katrina Crane: Have you really lost all faith in our son?

Henry Parrish: Would I lie to my own father?

Abigail Mills: When Crane first fell on that battlefield all those years ago, and all the voices of Heaven and Hell were shouting in your ear "let him die," you found another way to save him. We will find another way to save you.

Henry Parrish: I intend to paint my hands with both your blood.

Ichabod Crane: God, it sounds like a swine being strangled.

Ichabod Crane: Franklin always wrong in code, though his handwriting was so abysmal that it could be considered an encryption on its own.

Sheriff Leena Reyes: Mills, I told you to keep your walking historical society out of my precinct.

Abigail Mills: They're a frickin' evil club – try 666!

Season 2 Episode 8:


Season 2, Episode 8 Aired: 2014-11-10


Ichabod Crane: This is not romance, this is shameless groundling Kabuki. These people would not know true love if a bard himself wrote them a sonnet.

Ichabod Crane: You of all people should know that faith can be rewarded.

Nick Hawley: So, you asking me as a cop, or is this a personal request?
Abigail Mills: Whichever will get me the yes.

Incordata: I hope you're a better sailor than a drinker.

Nick Hawley: That settles it, I'm definitely not buying her breakfast.

Ichabod Crane: We're not the people we once were.

Ichabod Crane: Since when has opening our hearts to new possibilities been a complication?

Katrina Crane: It is what I believe, and it is what matters because he is our son.

Ichabod Crane: Is this music or attacking the walls of Jericho?

Abigail Mills: Being able to call somebody family isn't just biology. It has to be earned.

Ichabod Crane: Are the incessantly flashing lights why no one seems able to find their dance partner?

Katrina Crane: Fortunately my head is almost as hard as Ichabod's.

Nick Hawley: It's not every day a girl just gives me her heart.

Season 2 Episode 9:


Season 2, Episode 9 Aired: 2014-11-17


Ichabod Crane: When I'm rested, there shall be hell to pay.

Jenny Mills: This place is full of so much pain, most of the kind that can't be cured.

Lori Mills: These demons have no mercy, they'll use any possible way to hurt you, to take you from me!

Henry Parrish: All children need nurturing, particularly those who have been abandoned.

Lori Mills: She said I wasn't a good mother.

Jenny Mills: You really think mama knows hot to stop her?

Lambert: Like mother, like daughter.

Lambert: Some of us aren't strong enough to bare the burden, they need an angel of mercy to help them cross over, to free them from pain.

Abigail Mills: She fought for me.

Lori Mills: You were meant to go further than any of us. You were meant to win this war.

Abigail Mills: Frank, what are you doing out here?
Frank Irving: The police call it escaping.

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