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Sleepy Hollow: The Vessel Review

Not Your Average Possession

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


Ever since Macey, the Captain's daughter, was introduced a few episodes back, it was obvious her role in the series was going to be substantial, but I doubt anyone just expected her to be a meat-suit for a demon.

When the white-eyed being was introduced last episode, I hoped that something new was afoot, but instead it was just another wild-eyed demon setting his eyes on Ichabod and Abbie's stuff. A bit disappointing, but still entertaining.

It wasn't without its faults, though. Sure, Captain Irving and the Father weren't trained hunters of the Supernatural, but if they were smart enough to put salt at the doors and know to look for suspicious behaviour, they should have known what happened well before it attacked. Why not check the salt lines to make sure they weren't broken? How about making sure everyone was accounted for every so often? Best yet, letting his officers speak when they are obviously confused about what they are suddenly doing there (that should have been the first huge clue). I would expect amateur moves like that from common citizens, but police officers are trained to take note of things like this.

At least Macey got out of her wheelchair, right?

While the whole idea that a fanatical group of people could be so heavily armed without being detained is completely insane to me (since I don't live in the United States), the fact that Ichabod couldn't reason with them was ridiculous! If these people were really stocking up and preparing for the end of the world, you would think they would have some sort of duty to help two people who were claiming to be fighting it. They probably wouldn't have just handed over the lantern, but wouldn't it make more sense for them to follow along?

I don't even want to think about Jenny's irresponsible attitude, but couldn't she just... No, I can't. I just hope they don't do anything that stupid, ever again.

I'm a little concerned that Macey is suddenly going to be shoved to the curb now that this is over, though. Unless her possession gave her back her legs, or infused her with special knowledge from her former master, I can't see her being too useful in the coming battle. Maybe she can help by filling the role as the witnesses archivist, or something.

I can't believe this first season of Sleepy Hollow is already coming to a close. Next week is the two-part season finale, so we can probably expect some very dark characters to leave their mark.

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