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Sleepy Hollow: The Golem Review

Big, Strong and Twisted

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


Ichabod Crane may be one of the unluckiest men in history, or someone put one hell of a curse on him at birth. Just looking through everything we already know about what he went through in past episodes was almost proof enough, but now learning about the fate of his son, and that of his destiny, certainly proves how cursed he really is.

After finding out that Katrina had a son after he "died", I had huge expectations for his potential descendants, especially because the size of everyone else's role in events, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be. Yet another reminder of how cruel some people can be, especially back then. Of course, since the witches "stopped his heart" it is possible that he might just be buried alive in some sort of magical stasis only to be woken up in the future, so there is still hope, albeit a small one.

It does kind of feel like this whole story about his child was a waste of time, though. There was so much time spent on building up this knowledge and all we got out of it was a golem and a brief conversation with ancient witches. It would have been something if either one became and ally in their fight against the Apocalypse, but we now know that isn't happening. Sure, it gave us Henry Parrish again, but that could have been done with any other story with similar effect.

I loved the design for the witches. I really wish they would have become a recurring element.

To top it all off, Moloch finally revealed their destiny as witnesses, and it does not sound cheerful for either of them. At least we now know why Andy was so protective of Abbie. Is her soul part of the intricate lock placed on the other horsemen, does he just have a very picky appetite, or is it something even more twisted? If she is a key, maybe they will be able to jam up the lock to make it harder to open that doomsday gate.

The announcement that witness might mean martyr doesn't give us too much of a happy ending to look forward to either. Now it sounds like that they will need to die in order to save the world, unless they cheat death Supernatural style. Maybe that is where Macey will come in.

At first it felt like the slow, and shaky, introduction of Captain Irving's daughter might have been a bit of a waste, but it certainly appears that Frank and Macey have been chosen for something, too. I am starting to wonder if it is part of the demon's plans, or something more noble. The white eyes and the way the spirit jumped bodies reminds me of angelic possession stories, meaning we might have just got our first glimpse of a new faction in this war. Of course it could still have been a demon who decided to taunt an Apostle into abandoning the fight, so we will have to wait until we see them next to find out.

At least we won't have to wait long for the story to continue since Sleepy Hollow is only taking a three week break for Christmas. I am a bit disappointed it didn't stop on some terrifying cliffhanger, but I think we fans already have more than enough reasons to tune back in.

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