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Sleepy Hollow: Necromancer Review

Controlling Death

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


The previous episode left the story in the middle of one of the most pivotal moments of Sleepy Hollow, which did a fantastic job at keeping us waiting in anticipation for this week's continuation, and Necromancer didn't disappoint.

For the first time in Sleepy Hollow, the entire group has finally assembled. It took over half the season to get here, but I think it was a good idea to spread it out as they did. This way we got to learn more about each character as they were slowly introduced and bonded with the others, unlike a certain Marvel series which still feels like a group of misfits trying to work like a team. They still need a member who has deeper knowledge into the arcane and demonology, though; it seems like they are still stumbling into the dark without any knowledge of what they are doing.

A battle with Death is already the best way to bring heroes together.

Sadly, none of the characters saw the huge flaws with their trap last week which opened the door for the horseman to be free again. They even had more than enough time to remedy the problem. Seriously, since they had him chained and hexed, why didn't they run to the local store and pick up a generator for the lights until the power was restored? Since I doubt they connected the lights directly to the power grid, there had to be a place where they could hook up the generator on the surface to keep things going.

At least he was captured for long enough to fill in some of his back story, and give a few more hints of what they are really dealing with. Since Moloch made a mortal man the current incarnation of Death, could that mean that Moloch created other versions of Death in the past? Also, if Abraham is stopped, what is stopping the main demon from just granting a new person the power of the horseman?

Then there is Andy Brooks, who seems to have a motive deeper than anything we've seen from the Horseman. Or, I guess that would be Moloch who has the plans since the undead cop is just a pawn in all this. It does seem at times that he has his own will, but he is definitely saving Abby and Ichabod for another purpose, likely a later phase of Moloch's plans. But what could it be? Are they next in line to be possessed by a Horseman of the Apocalypse?

I can't believe there are only five episodes left of this first season. The action and suspense have gotten intense now, so these last episodes should be a wild and crazy ride.

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