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Sleepy Hollow: Sin Eater Review

Tasty Sins

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


The announcement that Fringe favourite John Noble was joining Sleepy Hollow was greeted with lots of excitement, and, while his first appearance may have been short, it definitely made a huge impact.

It was about time that a new recurring character with paranormal abilities, especially one who is fighting for good for a change, joined the series. It seemed like every week a new evil was being revealed but rarely any allies. This week we didn't just get one, we got a whole society plus a consumer of sin. I was hoping that someone had a bit more knowledge regarding the unknown, though.

While Henry didn't bring lots of new information, Crane's trip down memory lane definitely did. It was revealed in earlier episodes that our grand hero once switched sides in the war, but we didn't know why, until now. Who knew there were demons in England... or were the writers trying to say that England was ruled by demons? I find it fascinating that demons would have infiltrated the ranks of a superpower, but this easily could be misinterpreted as the writers calling the British evil. If they don't want to upset the international community, it might be a good idea to revisit the past again to explain how much control these demons had in the English military.

Bloody Hell!

There was a problem with only introducing allies and exploring the past, though; it wasn't very exciting. It never really felt like there was any immediate danger to the world or the characters (that weren't done by choice, anyway). Maybe it would have helped if we were shown that the horseman was wandering around the outskirts of town while this was all going on in order to create a feeling of urgency. Sure, the end did a bit, but it was already too late by then.

In a way, Soul Eater felt like a possible ending for Sleepy Hollow in the case the ratings weren't good enough for Fox to continue; the ending could easily have been changed that Ichabod actually went through with it. While I am glad that they were able to stop everything in time, this last minute save kind of feels like an unnatural extension. I hope in the future they reveal that it wouldn't have actually worked to show that Ichabod's death would have actually accelerated the Apocalypse.

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