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Sleepy Hollow: John Doe Review

Conquest through Pestilence

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


Where one horseman goes, the others are bound to follow, and it seems that Pestilence (AKA Conquest) was the first to do so.

Well, he tried anyway. If Moloch was able to bring Death back so easily, why is he having so much trouble with the others? How can the spirit of a girl be holding back the power of a horseman, too? There must be some insanely powerful good spirits out there secretly fighting the forces of darkness!

The idea of bringing a cursed village from the past into the present was an excellent way of being such a deadly illness into the present, plus it gave us all a lesson in Middle English in the process. (Isn't it scary on how quickly languages evolve?) It is so rare that TV demonstrates the problems of time-travel and the evolution of our languages. I am a bit disappointed that they played the ghost card instead of keeping it as time-travel or a village frozen in time, which would have added a whole new dynamic to the story and left the opportunity for even more odd events in the future.

It takes just a little bit of crazy to stand in the face of Pestilence.

I am finding it a bit too convenient that they are holding back the tide of evil so well. Sure, the others likely have some really nasty stuff in the works, but so far, Abby and Ichabod's success rate is amazingly high. Perhaps it is time for them to fail for once and let evil gain a bit more strength to increase the tension.

I wish Jenny was still around instead of back at the asylum. Hopefully her stay there is reduced so she can become more active later in the season. It is painfully obvious that they need more help.

Even though there were a few disappointments, "John Doe" was still a good episode, but just as exciting as most of the others. I hope the episodes start to become more serialized soon, though, most of these episodes are starting to feel like a paranormal police procedural.

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