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Sleepy Hollow: The Lesser Key of Solomon Review

Hell Hath No Fury

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


Besides the season premiere, the Headless Horseman, or Death, has been oddly absent from Sleepy Hollow, but that definitely hasn't stop the horrors from pounding at the town's sanity. This week it wasn't any minor inconvenience either; it was a gate to the ninth circle of hell.

The Lesser Key of Solomon, also known as the Clavicula Salomonis Regis, originally appeared in or just before the 17th century and contains in depth information on 72 demons, including how to summon or destroy them. Sadly, where the knowledge came from, who its real author is, and its purpose, is still unknown to us, making it easy to twist its existence into works of fiction, like this week's episode of Sleepy Hollow, where it was twisted into a masterpiece of death.

I seriously cannot imagine the horrors that designers and writers must dream of in order to create some of these scenes, but the portal to hell was frighteningly brilliant. I honestly expected just some fiery hollow ring, but instead we were given an organic looking portal that surely stained into many viewers nightmares afterwards.

I'll be seeing YOU in your dreams!

But the Lesser Key of Solomon wasn't the only book mentioned that took a large role in the episode; so did Paradise Lost. Apparently that horned demon is none other than Moloch himself! Yeah, I know Moloch made his way around scores of texts, but it was Milton's book that was referenced in the episode. But why does Moloch aim to bring on the Apocalypse now? He obviously could have at any time over the years if he is the one that brought Death back, so why at this moment in time? I am sure more pieces will fill in as the series continues, but I hope that one will be asked by the characters sooner than later.

I am very glad that Ichabod is starting to gather some fantastic books on demons now, especially since they are in desperate need of reference material when dealing with the forces of hell. I'm still waiting for some British librarian to walk in to aid them, though. I wonder if Anthony Stewart Head would be interested...

The hurdle of the sibling rivalry (that might be putting a tad lightly) is also thankfully behind us now. I was very disappointed that she didn't become part of their adventures last week, but better late than never, right? While they still believe that Ichabod and Abby are the destined pair, I think it is the sisters that fill the role as the witnesses instead; Ii only makes sense since they saw Moloch in the woods. But that does put Ichabod in a bad position, though. What will happen to him when the Horseman is disabled?

Fox definitely knocked the ball out of the park with Sleepy Hollow so far, and it will even be returning for another 13 episodes next year too. As long as they don't make any foolish decisions, this should be a series that could have a very strong fanbase for years to come.

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