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Sleepy Hollow: Blood Moon Review

Evil has found a new home

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


This second episode of Sleepy Hollow, titled Blood Moon, may be a tad sleepier than its jam-packed season premiere, but it still managed to remain entertaining.

I never thought that we would get a glimpse of all four horseman this early, but it did a great job at showing us what they really are fighting against, especially since Death decided to take a break this week and let the Horned Man's puppet stir up some mayhem.

That's right, Sulu, err, I mean Andy Brooks, is back! I was disappointed that they killed off such a great actor's character so quickly in the premiere, but the method of his return made it worth it. It's a shame he doesn't have any grand powers of his own, that we know of, but he definitely excels in helping evil return to the world.

This week's evil resurrection was a powerful dark witch, was very short-lived. Yes, this dark story was far too short. With all the time spent on Ichabod's wonder and the bond forming with Abbie, there was hardly any time to tell this witches story. How hard could it have been to spend less time with the dumb boss and more time to tell us how she learnt to catch modern bullets in her slumber, or why she didn't just use her magic to slaughter the meddlers?

Although, I loved how the witch-hunt allowed Ichabod to show Abbie some new things this week instead of her teaching him. Too bad it was at the expense of common sense. In reality, those secret tunnels would have either been properly sealed up a long time ago, and not just with drywall, or used by the police to secretly move between the buildings with a high-tech security system in place. There would have been no way that a police department would leave such a huge security hole open like that!

Oh, and don't forget about leaving explosives in the tunnel.
How did the police not feel that explosion anyway?

Ichabod Crane's hilarious adventures with modern technology and the glorious sales taxes also continued, but there were times where it seemed like his new partner placed the labels on things just to set him up for failure. Seriously, did she really expect him to know how to operate a shower, or what hair dryer meant? I loved the comment on the taxes, though, but just wait until he finds out about all the other taxes and fees! Perhaps when he's done saving the world from the Apocalypse, he will restart Liber8, I mean the Occupy Movement.

Unlike Ichabod, Abbie seems to be just filling the role as his guide to the 21st century. I was hoping her, and the police department's minds, would have opened up after the premiere's events, but they are still refusing to accept their new reality. Seriously, these fools almost seem as ignorant as the bigots who ran the witch trials. Perhaps this is why most people just picture dumb, doughnut-eating slobs when you say the "cop".

(I wonder if we can change the meaning of "cop out" to "to become an ignorant and lazy" in appreciation of how TV is making them appear lately?)

At least it looks like next week will finally give us someone from the present era who appears to be ready for the fight to come, and not so close-minded as the local fuzz. I'm really looking forward to seeing some real evil ass-kicking, instead of the constant questioning and second-guessing.

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