Crimson Tear

Nope, not dead.



By: Tyler Olson

Hey! It's been a while, right?! Well, things obviously slowed down much further than expected. I knew that I wasn't going to spend as much time on working on things as I used to, but I almost completely shut things down for the past few months to reorganize my priorities. Now that I think I've figure things out, and I'm where I want to be for the time being with set goals in mind, expect to see things updated much more frequently again.

No, not that frequently. Don't expect the reviews to return any time soon - those are just far too time consuming - but my work on the game guides will definitely be pushed forward. I know I was hoping to have Trails in the Sky finished before Second Chapter came out, but that definitely didn't happen, but I'm now pushing forward to finish the first and second game this year. That is my goal now. Will I go beyond that? Maybe, but I want to set the bar at a reasonable level. I just don't know what other things will come up, and I don't want to set a goal that occupies all my time. I know that isn't what many will want to hear, but, who knows, things may change.

I will try to post updates whenever a milestone on the guides are reached, like when a major section is complete, but the focus will be on the content of the guides itself.



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