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By: Tyler Olson

Well, October went pretty smoothly. I got all the 007 movie reviews done, and I almost got caught up on list of anime. (You can expect my Saekano review in the next few days, possibly tomorrow.) I was going to watch Cross Ange next, but I started watching the anime and found it was so sickening that I couldn't even finish the third episode, so that isn't going to happen. Instead, this month I'm going to focus on Bodacious Space Pirates and School-Live! I'm going to try to do at least 1 older and 1 newer anime series a month. I may throw a third series in if I have time. For anime/animated movies, Brave Story and Inside Out are on my to-watch list. I'm also hoping to get a few Star Wars films reviewed, and maybe a new blu-ray released movie, or two. Oh, and Spectre, we can't forget about Spectre.

I even managed to some time to work on the Trails in the Sky game guide last month, which is going to be even more detailed than I originally planned. There's already lots of content available that you will find through links within the character pages, for now. I'm hoping to finish the first area of this game this month, but no promises. I know Trails in the Sky SC just released, so I really want to push this guide to completion as quickly as possible so I can start with the second game.

I've also moved around the advertising and comments at the bottom of the articles. With the changes the 3rd parties made to them, it suddenly became a giant block of nothing but sponsored content before the comments. I'm still not happy with it, but it is better than it used to be. Expect it to be tweaked in the coming months.

I think that pretty much sums things up for this month. Now, it's time to see where the month takes us...

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