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By: Tyler Olson


A War of Emotions

Warning: this review does contain a few vague spoilers.


Inside Out is Pixar's 2015 film, written & directed by visionary Pete Docter. (Click here to see what else he all made) This movie follows Riley, a young girl who finds herself dealing with the horrors of moving to a new city, leaving everything she loved behind. Yeah, not very original, but this movie makes this overused idea feel like something so much more.

Instead of just focusing on the girl and what she's going through, Inside Out dives into her brain to give us the perspective responses of characters representing her five basic emotions. The idea that every action a person takes can be attributed to the five emotional states controlling a person is actually quite intriguing, yet terrifying at the same time. This is still a story of how large events effect the emotional state of a person, forcing changes that make the person grow emotionally, but it's all told from the little beings inside the brain. It's actually quite brilliant. (I wish I thought of that.)

It isn't just the portrayal of the emotions that were very well thought out, but the way the entire brain works in this story was amazing, too. It covers everything from what makes each person unique, memorization, forgetfulness, dreams, catchy tunes, and so much more, all done in ways that are so understandable and relatable. It's almost mind-blowing. This much thought in a movie marketed toward children just doesn't happen much any more.

While Inside Out obviously appeals to children with the colourful characters and hilarious attitudes, this movie will appeal to adults with deep intellectual thought, mystery and amazing characters. It even has a fair amount of action! It's hard to find a modern movie that is actually entertaining for all ages, but this movie is definitely one of those true gems. Most of that is thanks to the lack of childish jokes that make up most of today's children's shows and movies. I'm looking at you, Minions.

Yeah, that's exactly how I felt when I watched it.

Plus, with a movie following emotions, not people, calling Inside Out emotionally impacting is to be expected, on so many ways. It's really difficult to make something animated feel emotional, but the voice actors and animators really nailed it. With all the different emotional states this movie pushes on the viewer, I can see some people may feel a bit emotionally overwhelmed by the end, though.

I was going to spend time commenting the fantastic animation and such, but it's a Pixar movie, and I'm pretty sure everyone's seen the fantastic work they do. Or, you can just see it in the images in this review.

It doesn't happen too often that I see what feels like a flawless movie, but Inside Out certainly feels flawless, or extremely close to it. I just couldn't find anything off-putting about this movie. If you haven't seen this movie, do yourself a favour and watch it, you won't regret it (unless you do regret it, in which I would recommend someone dive into your brain and find out where Joy has been hiding.)


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