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Die Another Day (2002)
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By: Tyler Olson


From 007 to 000

Warning: this review does contain a few vague spoilers.


Die Another Day is the 20th James Bond film, and the last of the "classic" story. This film stars Pierce Brosnan as 007, Halle Berry, Rosamund Pike and Toby Stephens.

It's been obvious right from the start that the Pierce Brosnan era of Bond was far from extraordinary, but things have been getting worse, not better. While Die Another Day isn't as horrible as the previous entry, it certainly isn't a good movie. At best, it's a movie that's fun to laugh at.

Much of the laughs come thanks to the constant sexual jokes and puns which make up most of Brosnan and Berry's lines. It gets so bad that it feels like both of the actors didn't take their roles seriously and were there just to spit out more sexual remarks. Sure, it's great to see actors enjoying their work, but couldn't it be done in a way that didn't hurt the movie?

Bond in Die Another Day
And look how much Bond let himself go! Did someone stir his martini or something?

If the bad puns and remarks weren't enough to harm this movie, most of the plot devices in this movie are just rehashed ideas from past movies. It's almost as if they knew this was the final movie of the old Bond so they just threw in everything they liked about all the old movies – like a reenacted clip-show with a few modifications. I swear, there is at least one thing from each of the 19 other movies scattered throughout!

Even the old gadgets have returned, and some of them are extremely old! Everything he uses has already seen in previous movies... besides the invisibility cloak, which is unbelievably ridiculous! Hell, even the bad guys has much of tech that MI6 sported throughout the years! Did the spy agency have a garage sale?

The Jetpack returns in Die Another Day
Only $100 for this Jet Pack? Sold!

Plus, remember the close relationship between the U.S. and British agencies that made the earlier movies? Well, that is apparently gone! Actually, the representation of the U.S. agency in this movie is so awful that it makes you hate the real agency it is based from even more. (Yeah, like that's even possible, right?) Everything about the characters of that organization feel so fake, too... and almost villainous. Not even the KGB appeared as corrupt and evil in this franchise.

If it wasn't for the stunt doubles, this movie would have been no better than those awful horror-movie parodies. Was the action cheesy? Damn, right! But at least it was fun to watch. I especially loved the sword fight. Also, all the action felt real... well, expect for a certain ice-surfing scene, but I think we can thank bad CGI for that one.

Die Another Day Sword Fight
Nothing says British like an old-school sword fight, right?

All this makes Die Another Day another poor James Bond movie. It's not the worst of them all, but it definitely isn't something that non-fans will enjoy, and even fans will likely feel disappointed from the experience. Thankfully, after this movie, they decided to wipe the slate clean so we can forget about these huge misses.


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