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By: Tyler Olson

So, August went even worse than I expected, and my expectations were terrible. I'm glad I did finish the first season of Log Horizon at least.

With September here, I'm expecting to have much more free time to write articles and work on the Trails in the Sky guide. I know I created a list of the next anime series I'm going to watch that I never touched last month, I've decided to take a different direction instead. No, I'm not changing the order of what anime I'm watching, I've just decided to review other things, too.

For Anime, the entire first season of Sailor Moon Crystal is up next! I think I've put that one off long enough. Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend will follow, if I have the time. Spirited Away may get reviewed this month, too, but Log Horizon Season 2 is definitely pushed to October (probably late October); it's just too long to even think about getting it done so quickly.

Additionally, I've decided to do a movie marathon again – like I did with Mad Max earlier this year. This time it's the 007 movies! Yes, all of them! Well, all the official ones, anyway. I'm not going to push them out all at once, but I hope to have all the reviews done by the time Spectre makes its North American theatrical release in November (I doubt I'll finish before the European release), which will be reviewed, too. I'm starting them now since there are 23 James Bond movies, so it will take me time to watch and review each one. I hope 2 months is enough time, though.

I think that's about it, but a few other surprises may pop up if I have the energy and time to work on them.

If you missed the last update, check here.

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